Monday, August 5, 2013

happy out as long as in day!

last saturday i noticed that we hit the "out as long as in" milestone for robin. a silly thing to make note of but i would be lying if i hadn't set a reminder on the calendar just so i could set up a fun comparison photo shoot. i was thirty-eight weeks and four days the night robin came into this world, the longest i had ever been pregnant. born just hours before halloween, our little prince came into this world and today he is just over thirty-nine weeks old.

same dress and belt and boots, just changed up a little bit for the warmer summer weather. it makes me giggle a little because this giant boy compares well to that giant belly i was sporting in my last few weeks of pregnancy. just shy of fourteen weeks until he is one, it is unbelievable how fleeting his time as a baby has been, but my baby he'll forever be.

happy out as long as in day robin dash!


melissa rohr said...

So cute! I wish I'd taken better photos of myself the day I delivered Eloise but I'll make sure to get some cute "out as long as in" photos.

melissa rohr said...

I'd never thought of that- so brilliant. I will be doing this for sure.

melissa rohr said...

Cool idea'