Wednesday, August 7, 2013

let them color on the walls!

have you been looking for a fun and creative way to use wallpaper in your home? well you found it!

i have always dreamed of letting the kids be the creators of their own spaces and that is why there is practically a chalkboard in every room of our house. so naturally i flipped when i discovered the frames wall paper from british based company graham & brown.

when the frames paper arrived on my doorstep, the first thing i noticed was the quality, it was thick and soft and had a really great look to it. once we started working with, whether we were trying to hang it on the wall or the plywood the quality stood out even more. even after wrestling with it for hours it still looked great and smooth and and spots of smudges from our fingers wiped of easily. they still do!

however, we quickly discovered that wallpapering really isn't for everyone. while the idea of having walls covered with some of graham & brown's most gorgeous papers (like this, this, or this) we were just not willing to go the lengths of sanding, mudding, and prepping our textured walls for adhering it directly. so, after several trips to home depot to try and make it work the old fashioned way, tim came up with the idea to glue it to a piece of smooth board and create a frame around it. i was sold.

ok, at first i was totally bummed that my dreams of hallways covered in this dreamy paper had gone out the window, then i started thinking - this is maybe a ten year total house for us and i couldn't even begin to image leaving behind, or worse having to tear down, such wonderful little gifts the kids are surely to leave on this paper. lightbulb! i just had to share with the world this idea we had come up with - readers, have no fear, you can have the wallpapered space of your dreams too!

renters, visitors, kids rooms, bathrooms, garages, you name it.

to create our frames wallpaper gallery, we used a four by six piece of mdf and one 1 x 12 and one 1 x 8 cut in half then stained to this delicious brown color. before attaching to the wallpapered board, tim angled the ends of the frame pieces so that they would line up and look like a real frame. see, easy peasy!

we originally played around with many different ideas on where to hang it, finally settling on the main hallway outside of the kids rooms.  a perfect place to spark conversation and grow with the kids and their artist talents. zoe has been plotting for days exactly which animal she will paint on it first. since we chose to use our frames paper this way, limiting the amount of area to decorate, we have made a deal with the kids that they can draw or paint or glitter or whatever once every other month. this way they can thoughtfully be thinking about what they want to create, the space won't fill up so fast, and it will be a keepsake of watching their talent grow and change with them. i would love to see all sorts of medias used like feathers and glitter and photos and scrapbook paper, skies the limit!

i still want to add a fun hook on a side piece of the frame and hang a little tin bucket filled with art supplies for passer byers to create if they fill the need. oh, the memories that this gallery will create.

what do you think? what would be the first piece you would add to our gallery if you stopped by?
the frames wallpaper sells for $32-$45 per roll (20.5" W x 32.8' L) and is available for purchase in the US at graham & brown.

graham & brown offers amazing sales monthly, stay in touch by liking their facebook page to hear about all the deals.


melissa rohr said...

I think this looks amazing framed...almost better than wallpapering the entire wall!!!!!!!! It's sooo awesome and the washi tape holding the photo up is a nice touch. :) We have a huge wall in our living room that something like this would look really cool on!

melissa rohr said...

okay SUPER cool idea. I am loving it! and the wallpaper pattern you have is great.. it might need to go in my new office.

melissa rohr said...

This is amazing!