Wednesday, August 21, 2013

let's do all the projects shall we?

did you know i grew up always wanting to be a interior decorator? my parents both worked in the furniture business so i grew up around designers and high end furniture and so on. i got to go to huge houses on mercer island with my dad on deliveries, marveling at the interiors and i spent a good part of my summers playing house in the various set up rooms around the furniture stores. i was best friends with all the in house designers and even worked as a personal assistant to one later when i was older.

when i was a senior in high school i started making plans for a design degree from bellevue and had tons of discussions with my moms designer friends about it. long story short it never happened, you may notice from reading my blog, my career plan changes...a lot. i accommodate for a season of life i am in or have to be realistic about what i can really do right now and what is best for my family. that, however doesn't silence the design bug in me, ever.

it drives tim  c  r  a  z  y  that i am constantly changing, returning, re-aragngin, selling, buying, diy'ing and i am constantly having to explain to him that this is how making a house a home works. when we moved in together our possessions were a mixture of parent hand me downs, things from my last marriage, things like a tv stand made out of rubbermaid containers etc etc. after we got married and bought this house we slowly phased in a arsenal of ikea furniture and while ikea is the i'd like to eventually have nice grown up pieces around my house that truly speak to our style and apparently i am deep in the mission to make that happen sooner then later...

when i was pregnant with robin i never really caught the nesting bug. other then the last trimester second wind where i cleaned all the things that had been ignored for six months, i didn't feel this major urge to do all the projects. now that robin is rounding one year and self entertains for quite a bit of time on his own i have some extra time on my hands. there are currently ten different projects mid completion in my house right now. it's hard because tim works a second job right now and works most nights a week so everything is getting done slowly but surely. we painted the cupboards in the kitchen, sold our dining room table to build a farm table, are converting our upstairs loft area into a play room etc etc. every day i get a new itch to sell a piece of ikea furniture and replace it with something vintage and solid and yummy. thank god for craigslist. 

tim has ten new grey hairs in his beard from all my random spur of the moment projects and ideas but i know he has a ton of fun creating with his hands, thus i don't feel bad about the table i talked him into building. coming up this spring we are tackling some of the bigger projects on our house list - like a paver patio and pergola outside. we have a tiny tiny condo lot so we have about four feet out our back door and ten feet out along the side of our house, leaving no room for grass but so so perfect for a entertaining space complete with a swing off the pergola. i am pretty excited.

below i jotted down a little list of the top "to-do" swirling around in my head right now. i don't know what has gotten into me - give me all the diy! so stay tuned for lots of fun including a upcoming post on our kitchen cabinet make over with annie sloan chalk paints!

house project list:
finish farm table construction + paint
locate mismatched vintage dining chairs + repaint/reupholster
finish painting the entire down stairs
build tufted headboard for master
paint and accessorize the kids bathroom
purchase nightstands for bedroom
refinish zoe's headboard
put hardware on kitchen cupboards
deck, paver patio, and pergola outside (starting in february!)
covert upstairs "loft" area into play area/ tv space for the kids
finishing touches on robin's room

how does decorating go in your house? do you have to change your mind ten times before really falling in love with a space or item? what fun is owning a house if you aren't always on the hunt for the perfect look!


melissa rohr said...

Ahh, yes. I'm the same way. My husband doesn't understand, but what can you do? My house is constantly changing, and I'm always changing my mind. In fact, as soon as we moved into our house, and after I'd purchased a lot of items, my tastes evolved and I no longer loved the things I bought. That was & is pretty frustrating. Agh!

melissa rohr said...

lol, we are so similar in this aspect. i change my mind a lot but usually know in the back of my head what my ultimate vision is and will keep hunting and hunting until i find it. josh doesn't seem very interested when i'm asking him questions about chair cushions or wall art so i try to space out my requests and only show him something when i REALLY want it/need it. hehe. I LOVE how your table is turning out! Did you find the chairs on craigslist?

melissa rohr said...

haha, yea they are pretty clueless when it comes to decor ;) i did find some of cl - i have gotten 4 so far and we are either making a bench or being lazy and ordering one from walmart and refinishing the top haha. full kitchen post should be up on monday!

melissa rohr said...

I always have a bunch of projects I want to do...but at the moment I'm not highly motivated as far as home improvement because I believe we'll be moving before long. It's hard to be inspired during those seasons!

melissa rohr said...

wait! here is a comment!

melissa rohr said...

Yeaaaaah! I had to e-mail Disqus to figure it out. They told me that for some reason my comments were immediately being treated as spam. But they fixed it for me. I'm actually having comment problems on multiple interfaces. I don't have a clue why. At least the Disqus one is solved! :)