Wednesday, August 14, 2013

month nine

two weeks late but worth the wait! month nine? i mean really we are already at nine and a half months and my mind is blown. i think we have officially hit that sweet spot where robin is so much more of a tiny human then a tiny baby and i spent five minutes the other day begging tim for "just one more?" you might notice the lack of balloons this month - major news flash to us when we went to get his balloons this they had more then doubled in price. i just couldn't bring myself to hand over that much money on balloons when there are so many vanilla chais to be had. just kidding, but seriously, remember when i mentioned in the end what we will have spent on balloons? well, that number had gone through the roof and wasn't logical anymore. so a photo of cute baby sans balloons it is. you can still keep track of what month we are on right?

big news this month is standing on e v e r y t h i n g and getting into everything we can reach. robin has officially perfected his crawl and zooms from place to place, sometime we can't get over how quick he is. with his hands too, you can not take your eye of him for a second if rocks are near, he gets them into his mouth so fast, sometimes ones that are so big i have a hard time getting them out.

speaking of rocks, this boy still loves the water more then ever! we have spent a ton of time down at the river and he loves splashing in little run off/slow areas, he is content even if the water is chilly. whether it is the cats water, a inch in his crab pool, or floating in a big pool he loves it. 

we have four new teeth and have only eaten big people food as of late. his favorites are frozen mini pancakes, avocado, peanut butter + jelly, crackers of any kind, tofu, thai food, any meat, oatmeal, etc ect he loves it all. he does a great job chewing and i feel better and better about our decision to blw every day.

standing means a whole new world of toy love. i busted out our walkers and activity tables and he can't get enough. robin still loves rattles and toys that squeak but you can tell he appreciates getting to play with more interactive toys now. but his favorites? anything with wheels! cars, computer chairs, stools, you name it he wants to wheel it around. he is such a boy and i love it! i have been busy stocking his amazon birthday wish list with some fun toys with wheels and all things adorable cars and trucks.

planning for robin's super hero first birthday is in full effect. even though i go back and forth on if we should do a halloween theme but i figure we have so many years ahead of us to pull of those types of parties, might as well have fun with something different this year! now, what the heck should robin be for halloween? i am having the hardest time! i really wanted him to be "robin" and stella was going to be batman but i can't find any good robin costumes other then this, and even that isn't exactly what i am looking for. suggestions?

i can't tell if robin will be walking soon or not, just in the last couple of days he has taken a couple of steps to either side when he is standing, holding onto something. it is so crazy watching how he develops compared to the girls who were all walking well or really close to it at this point. today he tried the stairs for the first time but didn't make it far before i stopped him and closed him on the other side of the gate - he wasn't too happy about that, ha!

this is one of my favorite ages and i think tim's too! robin follows tim everywhere and is so heartbroken if tim comes home and doesn't immediately scoop him up for snuggles. we also are at the fun age of separation anxiety, we tried to leave him with my sister who he is familiar with, for a couple of nights and it did not go well. he was sad and whiny the entire time which made it hard to be away and we cut our rip short.

we can't wait to see what ten months is like with our little man! 


melissa rohr said...

Oh he is just a cutie. And that expression on his face? Priceless. Happy 9 months little dude!

melissa rohr said...

haha, i know! i almost didn't use this picture cause it borders crazy looking haha