Thursday, September 26, 2013

kitchen farm table update!

Well it's fall and the rain is here - so let's finish all the things! Ok, so our farm table isn't finished yet but I just can't keep it a secret anymore. I am in love.

Tim is working on a long bench to fit one side and eventually all these and three future chairs will be white and distressed. I day dream of all matching chairs down the line but for now I worked with what fit our budget best - dumpster diving and goodwill finds.

Wanting a large table to fill the space and accommodate our family gatherings, we left the two by six pine boards at their pre-cut length of eight feet. The finished dimensions are 96" long by 39" wide and 31" tall. I won't go into any major "DIY" details because we got the general design for some Ana White plans and she did things just fine. However, we did skip the hundred dollar husky legs they suggested and went with a fifteen dollar Lowes find (still the most expensive part of the table!).

Originally the plan was to stain the top a dark color like all of the ones you see floating around Pinterest. Then laziness set in and the table sat in its raw form for sometime and the light natural color grew on us. To preserve that look we used two coats of Minwax "natural" stain and finished it off with Minwax polyurethane in satin. I don't love the glossiness of the finished product but the wipe-ability has me pretty sold on the idea anyway. The bottom portion of the table is painted in distressed Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue. The verdict is still out on if we will add strips of silicone in between the boards - Ask me again in a month if I am sick yet of picking crumbs out with a toothpick and hand vac.

This was totally a beginner project but we highly recommend that you acquire a Kreg Jig before you get started. Working on a project like this, having nice hidden pocket holes really adds a lot to the finished product. Check Craigslist - We lucked out and found one that came with tons of screws for more then half the price anywhere else that we checked.

I am still working on tracking down the perfect chairs to add and transform whether it be with paint or fabric. After the first chair took three cans of paint to sort of cover it, I will admit that I have not been in a hurry to run back to Home Depot and finish the others. This was a fun project to work with Tim on, the plans were easy to follow and there was minimal arguing or tears - I would call that a win!

What do you think?
(Check out the amazing Mid-Century hutch that I inherited from my Grandma! It needs to be de-smoked badly but it is safe to say that I am obsessed.)

Monday, September 23, 2013

things we love: knitted lily creations and a giveaway!

*Giveaway closed! Congrats to Amanda P. on winning a cowl of your choice!
It's that wonderful time of year - crisp air, sweaters, hunter rain boots, and most importantly pumpkin spice everything! I can't think of a better way to kick off fall then giving away a children's knitted cowl!

Over the years I have kind of become obsessed with tiny versions of things that I love as an adult, so naturally i am in awe of this knitted cowl that Melissa from Knitted Lily Creations sent for Stella. Made with super soft yarn, the quality is exceptional and I love that you can interchange the flower and little cuff. This will be perfect to get her though the cold months - here is your chance to win one too!

Knitted Lily Creations is giving away one of three style choices to a lucky reader. There are two ways to enter, check it out:

One, visit the Knitted Lily Creations Facebook page and give it a like then leave me a comment telling me you did so.

Two, visit the Knitted Lily Creations Etsy shop and add it to your favorites then leave me a comment telling me which item is your favorite!

The giveaway will run until friday but in the meantime feel free to use the code "bloglove20" to receive 20% off your order. Good luck!

Thanks to Melissa for sending us the cowl - we absolutely adore it!

Monday, September 16, 2013

off she goes - stella's first day of preschool!

Last friday was Stella's very first day of preschool - A day she has waited for two years, every once and awhile asking, "I go to school like Rowan yet?" Finally her turn, we laid out her outfit the night before and started to prep for the day. We talked about using the potty on her own, sharing with friends, and making sure to keep her ears open for things her teacher had to say. We had attended the open house the Monday before and were happy to see that not only would she be in big sister's old classroom but would have the same assistant teacher, making the transition much easier on her (and me). 

At drop off she seemed a little bit reluctant as she walked to the circle carpet but I was assured upon pick up that she had a wonderful day full of firsts and new friends. Now we patiently wait until it is thursday again, this might be the hardest part for our eager girl. Tim told me the other night that she was very disappointed to hear that she didn't have school the next day (Saturday) because "school is really good for her head." 

She is getting so big I can hardly believe it! I am excited to see what this year has in store for her and she explores all of the fun preschool has to offer. It's wonderful knowing that two days a week she has her own special time set aside.

I would be lying if i didn't say that I love that we are all finally settled into our new fall routine, I live for a good full schedule. Bring on the pumpkin patch field trips, baby dates at Starbucks, and cleaning the house with slightly more peace and quiet!

Monday, September 9, 2013


i swear we made it to sunlakes this year, even if the lack of photos says otherwise. oh and i swear rowan was there too even if she is no where to be seen - probably busy chasing a cousin or asking for a snack. zoe is at such a fun age that she is more willing to try things like water skiing and cliff jumping! she didn't quite get up on the skis but gave it a good try and would have had another chance if we didn't end up leaving early. this girl also jumped off of a ten foot cliff with her friend!

this year was as epic as any! boating, lounging, eating, swimming, get the drill. we drug along tim's brother sam this year and opted to leave robin at home. he hates his lifejacket and it proves to be difficult getting him to nap on the boat so we left him with my sister. the girls had a blast, zoe and paige attached at the hip as usual, all three girls were just so well behaved. tons of my uncles and cousins were there as usual and the changes and troupes'. we got to witness one of the most amazing lightening storms i had ever seen and it think that same night i probably laughed more then i ever had in my whole life. there was lots of that laughing, and drinking, and laughing. oh, and it was stupid hot the whole time that we were there.

the families that we camp with are some of my favorites! six teenage boys between them, not counting any of my cousins, and they all adore my children like whoa. always asking for high fives or giving piggy back rides or loaning a lap to my kids who always have to be on a lap, carrie and amy are raising some amazing kids!

we ended up having to head home a day and a half early because robin is at that age where he doesn't enjoy when mom and dad aren't around. he was super fussy for my sister and it was breaking my heart since i couldn't do anything about it from the other side of the state. this was also one of those trips where i tried to let it go that i wasn't snapping a picture of every fun and cute moment. i do a lot of that in our normal day to day so i was trying to be more present on this trip. of course i had to take pictures for my wild cousin tyler who gets in some of the best jumps on the wakeboard! there was also that moment where i crawled out of the tent to find stella and two of my cousins double spooning the cake from a birthday celebration the night before, oye.

this is a trip we look forward to all year and i can't wait to keep it up for years to come!

Friday, September 6, 2013

the day that almost didn't happen...

are you ready for this long wordy post?

i tried to keep it short and simple but throughout this whole illness i have tried to be as transparent as possible, if only to even help one person going through such a bizarre thing like this. i also know a lot of my readers are genuinely interested in everything related to rowan's recovery and i am happy to keep you in the loop, so here you go...

back in june rowan's physical therapist lit a fire in me to get her into full day kindergarten. we hadn't considered it as a option prior because i stay at home and here in washington you have to pay around $400-500 a month for full day (silly, i know). fast forward and all of her therapist concurred that moving forward, by september, a full day of school was going to be the best way to phase her out of outpatient therapy through providence. i called the second to last day of school and had rowan added to the wait list, spot six.

the school staff was back in the office on the 20th, just a few weeks before school was starting and i got to work advocating for rowan, making sure all of the necessary supports were in line, at that point full day wasn't really on my radar, assuming the list wouldn't budge much. rowan's school was so great from day one - although super busy and i had to keep reeling them back in, they stood behind her a hundred percent and had known about her story since may. her principal had even done a bit of research so he knew more about what had happened to rowan. eventually a few days later i got a call, there was a new full day class and a spot for rowan. i eagerly accepted the spot but then started explaining, since this was disability related the only way we could swing it is if it were free to us. i was patched over to the principal who called me back within hours of leaving him a voicemail. we talked for awhile and he explained that there were scholarships available and that he would advocate for rowan to get one, a huge criteria being there had to be a substantial educational need for one, rowan being the perfect case!

within days we had the approval from the district and rowan was put in the full day class. we got to meet the teacher one-on-one and instantly felt a great connection with her and it was so comforting to see how she interacted with rowan and didn't even skip a beat on her obvious disabilities. she already had her seat assigned right up next to her desk and was totally informed on rowan's story. that day i also had spoken with someone from the school's team that handles the 504 plan, iep etc. turns out that she is the sister of rowan's pre-k teacher and had also known about rowan and her story from day one. god has a plan, a perfect plan.

we got rowan's 504 plan rolling, which mentioned the drinking issue (that was later cleared up) and a few other suggestions for people that would be working with rowan though out the year. everyone agreed that rowan probably wouldn't qualify for any in-house therapies but would still need some special considerations. we all felt really good about the first day and started to really look forward to it. a meeting was scheduled for the school staff involved in rowan's day to day, the day before school started. they were going to go over the plan and make sure everyone was on the same page. that morning i got a call that, for a week now, children's had been ignoring the school calls about needing the updated report from her follow up the week prior. they were a little frantic and asked me to bring in any paperwork that i had - all i had was her discharge summery, back when she couldn't talk or walk or barely eat and i was super hesitant to hand it over. the meeting came and went and based off the papers i had given them were a little panicked. this is when the report finally came from children's, at four the night before school was set to start. 

the report was long and overly complicated and as it started to come out terribly inaccurate and based off of the ten minutes each therapist had spent with rowan, not getting to know her real recovery at all. the school then called me to tell me that rowan couldn't start school the next day until they got a better handle on the whole thing. i started crying right there on the phone, i was devastated for rowan and even harder was having to tell her when i got off the phone. no begging was going to change their minds so we scheduled a meeting for the next day - they were treating rowan like she was difficult and maybe a danger to herself, what?

there had been mention of the tiny possibility that rowan could stay after the meeting so the next day we got dressed in her first day outfit, backed a lunch in her backpack and snapped first day photos with a chalkboard. we headed off to the meeting, robin desperate for a nap slept on my shoulder from the car and through most of the meeting. i had thought to bring the ipad for stella and rowan's teacher stole rowan away to the class the second we got there. my worries were instantly put to rest when it started to unfold that the delay in starting was just because of the 11th hour report coming over and they wanted a chance for the whole team to look at it and feel best prepared for her, unlike my first impression that it was because there were real concerns. the nurse, psychiatrist, special needs personal, the speech pathologist, etc etc all sat in. we talked about the new thin liquids report coming through from her actual speech therapist at providence and that was all put to rest - otherwise it meant rowan would have had to eat lunch in the nurses office. we went over the occupational notes that rowan was up to par with most all kindergarten gross and fine motor expectations, with some minor gross motor delays that wouldn't cause her any issues. when we got to the pt report, it mentioned what i had already talked with children's about, that the school pt or nurse might want to spend some time outside with rowan playing during recess so that they could make their own assessment of her safety but that there was no concern. since the schools pt is split between multiple schools, until she can come do that rowan has a alternative recess either hanging out with the nurse or in the solution room.

when the meeting wrapped up i signed the new proposed 504 plan and the principal ok'd rowan getting to stay for the day. it was only a hour after school had started and i was overjoyed that she was getting to be a part of so much of the first day still! she had a great first day, she was a little tired and hungry when she got home and i got a stern talking to about packing extra snacks for later. it will be an adjustment for sure going from four days of two hour pre-k to all day school five days a week. she has already made new friends and last night i got a text from her teacher with some pictures, saying that she was so happy to have rowan in her class, that she is a total sweetheart and this year is going to be great for her!

this whole experience has created so much empathy within me for families of special needs kiddos. i'll only have to deal with this stuff for a short time in comparison and i am so so exhausted from day to day with just the little bit of work i am doing to advocate for rowan. i can't even imagine the constant struggles that some of my friends go through to stay on top of things like school, so kuddos to you guys i don't know how you do it but you are all amazing!

how cute did rowan look on her first day?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

oh the places you will go...


Last week after a long day at children's hospital for a round of follow-up appointments, I realized that I never shared about our first days at home after discharge. That is kind of irrelevant at this point but I wanted to still share a little bit about where we are today, three months later...

We started off the day with the actual rehab clinic attending who saw Rowan all through out her stay at children's. He tag teamed with a resident who sadly wasn't available that day and we were bummed we couldn't show off rowan's progress to him as well. Dr. McNalley checked her reflexes, watched her run and walk down the hall, balance and hop, asked me four million questions about the last three months and addressed all the questions and concerns I had. Bottom line he was blown away at how well she was doing considering how she looked when we discharged.

We talked about how there isn't anything at this point I am worried about and that the only things to note were maybe how when she is more tired she looks like she struggles more physically and has some absent mindedness with heightened ADHD symptoms. Although Rowan would appear to be almost a hundred percent again, she still has a long road ahead as her brain heals and remyelinates. He wasn't surprised that her speech wasn't perfect yet but still had total confidence there would be no lasting effects of the encephalitis. Thank God. 

In between that and our next set of appointments, we snuck up to the rehab floor to visit rowan's favorite physical therapist Shannon. Everyone was so excited to see Rowan, I almost started crying. Nurses who were around the corner heard her and recognized her voice, walking out, "is that Rowan??" I have a hard time remembering people I met last week, so it is so heart warming that these people who get to know thousands of kids in a career still remember each one. We also caught her speech therapist Laura, who was so overjoyed to listen to how far she had come since barely making sounds when she was discharged. The whole time we were up there Rowan walked around pointing out different things that she remembered - How she did this here and played that over there and we were all a little surprised at how much she remembered. It isn't uncommon for kids to kind of shut those things, like a hospital stay, out of their memory.

After a quick lunch at Starbucks, we checked in for a physical therapy follow-up in the rehab clinic. That therapist had her flex, move limbs, balance, jump and run and climb, squeeze her fingers etc etc. One thing that was crazy to watch, was now on her third time running for someone (the second being to show Shannon) she visibly deteriorated on coordination each time, showing that she was obviously tiring as the day went on. Rowan was bored with this appointment and had a hard time listening and focusing. I got tired of having to reel her back into the current task over and over. While I thought Rowan was doing beyond physically, this therapist took me down a peg, reassuring me that Rowan could do most everything any other kid her age could do - But the fact that she couldn't jump with both feet taking off and landing at the same time, her "drunk" looking run etc etc all showed that she still had a little ways to go. We talked about how O should prepare her school as far as PE and recess goes. Then we talked about things we could be doing at home to build her leg strength a little more.

Right after was a session with the occupation therapist, we talked while Rowan went crazy on all the equipment in the room and then the OT started putting task after task in front of her to test her abilities with her hands. She laced cards, drew her a giraffe, put little pegs onto picture cards with holes, dressed-up magnetic dolls and so on. This therapist was amazed at how well she was doing and just mentioned working on some exercises to be able to manipulate things in one hand again. She also showed me an amazing way to teach her how to tie her own shoes (video coming soon)! at the end we talked about how she agreed with Rowan's primary OT at providence, that once school starts, especially since she got into full day (more on that later), that practical every day activity will be the best therapy from here on out, therefor we'll phase out our weekly visits to see her ot here soon.

Our last meeting of the day was with a speech pathologist and the in house educator/school advocate. We had worked with her since Rowan was a patient and she had worked hard keeping Rowan's school in loop since day one back in May. We are so thankful for her, making the work for me a lot less once the school staff was back in. I only had to do minimal foot work to make sure that everyone was on the same page and looking out for Rowan. It was in this appointment that I got a major surprise - Since Rowan's last swallow study in July, I was under the impression that she was on a full liquid diet but that back then needed to be watched closely for a bit when she drank. I was informed that this was not the case and was really given the stink eye for letting Rowan go full boar on her drinks. Let me stop you right there - We haven't had one single issue so this was all ridiculous and I would have just brushed this off but this information will follow her to school, where they mentioned she might have to eat lunch with the nurse so she can closely watch her while she drinks from a thin straw with her chin tucked. Um, no. I am currently working on A. Convincing her school staff that mother knows best and this is a non issue and to let Rowan eat lunch with her friends and B. Trying to schedule a immediate swallow study (which means more x-ray that I am not thrilled about) so that it can officially come off of her medical files.

Within days of coming home from the hospital we slipped back into a new normal. We scheduled play dates and hikes and beach time and down time for rowan. Especially towards the end of summer we didn't put to much pressure on ourselves to make it to every therapy session and her therapists were on my side since they agreed being out in the world and "doing" was just as good of therapy as any. Especially in Rowan's case, where it isn't about re-learning as it is about gaining back strength and coordination and that comes with practice. Rowan can run, ride bikes and scooters, swing and climb at the park. She can swim and dance and skip and pretend to be a galloping horse if she wants. She can draw and color and paint and make a crown with tiny gems and stick on pieces. She can buckle her sandals and dress herself and brush her own hair. She is just about as typical as you can get.

Now that school has started most of her therapy will taper off. We will have a couple more sessions with each so that they can make that final decision and will most likely carry on with physical therapy for a while. Children's and her school agree that Rowan won't qualify for any in school therapy because her remaining disabilities do not get in the way of her education at all. You can understand her when she talks, she can write very very well again, and is not limited physically for what will be expected of her. She will have a 504 plan for now that basically makes sure that her needs are still met and the staff advocates for her when I can not. e.g. hers will mention the liquids restriction (for now) and how her communication ay take extra time. Rowan starts kindergarten today and couldn't be more excited! we met her teacher last week and i don't think that we could have gotten a better one, she was caught up on Rowan's story and welcomed her with open arms. I can already tell that this is going to be a great year!

*update: the swallow/eating news surprised me and was causing issues for back to school so i looked into this further. turns out her outpatient speech pathologist had sent along notes to children's just before the appointment clearing rowan for a full liquid diet, recorded back in july. it was disappointing to hear that children's must not have even looked at that. we got it all cleared up by showing the school the more accurate report and it is a non-issue for her lunch time now.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

month ten

cake smash cake ordered, decorations in pre-planning, i guess i need to accept that this little guy is going to be o-n-e in two months. this boy who loves on people, who claps and walks along the couch. who likes to snuggle with the cat or a pillow or better yet his mustache blanket. this boy who makes duck faces when he knows mama really needs a smile and who started wearing tiny little man style baseball hats. 

i say it over and over again, these months are my favorite! he is such a little person but can still curl and and be mama's baby in a instant. it is such a gift as a parent getting to watch these little people explore and learn and discover. these last months before one hold so many milestones and fun i can't even stand it! robin is no where near walking, even though i say that now and he will probably walk next week, and i am totally ok with that. he stands and cruises and climbs the stairs like a pro but i can keep him my baby a little longer if he would just hold of walking. he is a climber like stella which makes me nervous but proud at the same time. i love this age too because of the clothes and shoes! this weekend his dad took him shopping and bought him a tiny uw hat that looks just alike a adult one but fits in his tiny baby head. he also got some seahawks colored vans that look just like the ones big sisters and mama wear, pretty much dead from the cute over here.

with three sisters in the house we have become quite accustomed to looking over and seeing robin totally enjoying a princess wand or barbie or hair clip. it will be so fun to watch the person he grows into with all of these females constantly surrounding him and fawning over him. robin is a pro at his floor bed now, if he isn't sleepy yet he'l' roam his room playing with his toys but always eventually makes his way back to his bed. we have even introduced a pillow recently and it is pretty much the cutest ever watching him use it the right way. sometimes he'll just lay on it and stare at a toy in his hands, singing himself to sleep. 

we are so blessed in the fact that he is such a good baby! we can take him anywhere and he is so chill and relaxed. he'lls it on laps or hang out in someones arms for hours or happily entertain himself on the floor or grass or wherever. this month we even went to bumbershoot, a huge seattle music festival and he was so happy the whole time. he even loved the loud inside shows and slept through a artist when daddy and uncle broke off on their own with him.

i am a little surprised we have had these same ole' four teeth for while now. based of the heightened fussiness in the evening and extra naps i am willing to bet one is coming. speaking of naps, some how we skipped the transition of three to two and are only taking one? what? i am working on getting back to two because one still doesn't feel quite right even though it is doable and he powers through the day. one nap days are nice for when were busy and on the go though.

his eyes are still blue and his little blond hairs are growing like crazy! i always wanted to keep a little boys hair long but now that he is here i am not sure it would work with his face, we'll see though. i would love love to do shorter sides with longer top, especially is he gets curls like stella had! this next month will be fun i am sure! fall is here (sorta) and while robin will be bummed that means much much less swimming, i can't wait for all the fun inside stuff we'll get to of and all of the cute collard sweaters and elbow patches! ps, i walked/ran when i spotted a pair of robin pj's at target the other day, so stay tuned for many appearances of those over the next month or so!

happy ten months robin!

Monday, September 2, 2013

our kitchen cabinet transformation with chalk paint® decorative paint by annie sloan!

it wasn't easy convincing tim to move forward with this project. nevermind the fact it had been on my dream to-do list for years. i get where he was coming from, this was a brand new house and the cabinetry was premium, but i never loved the dark look, so i kept secretly pinning away two colored rustic kitchens. this isn't our forever house, heck it probably isn't even our seven year house, so i considered how it might narrow the market of people interested in buying it down the road but ultimately it came down to loving the space i was in, making it about our family, a happy place to gather in the right now.

so when the opportunity came up to work with annie sloan unfolded and their chalk paint® (NOT to be confused with "chalk board" paint), i got to work on tim, eventually convincing him with color swatches and example photos that this could be really amazing. i was never afraid of this project - when i mentioned my desire to paint the cabinets at all, i was met with a lot of advice to hire a professional. having used chalk paint® in the past i knew this was a totally attainable diy and couldn't wait to get started. we went back and forth on if we should do a red, emperor's silk, on bottom and this same off white on top, ultimately that was what we envisioned, but when we started holding similar colored things up to the surrounding wall paint and furniture and didn't like the contrast, we turned our focus to blues. in making our decision, it helped a lot of peruse the annie sloan unfolded website - with each swatch you can view a real project that has been done in that color to get an idea of the finished look. in the end we picked provence for the bottom, old white for along the top, and we would finish off with their clear soft wax.

the magical thing about chalk paint® is that there is little to no prep to get started - genius! especially since i was starting with a relatively new and smooth surface all i did to prepare was generously clean my entire project area with a degreasing dish soap and water, especially anywhere near the stove i went over twice. i removed all of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, making sure to label cupboards that might be more difficult to remember where they came from and stored all of my screws in one cup. next i taped taped and taped some more, praising the home builder gods that there were some nice gaps to slip tape in-between so i new there would be no unintentional paint mess left where there shouldn't be one.

i went back and forth on distressing the top cabinets, i even went to the internets for a vote but after "trying" it out on one cabinet front i was hooked! hey, i have four kids that are not nice to my things. my favorite perk of distressed furniture? it hides the wear and tear so well. distressing them was so easy and i had a great dark base to work with so the end result was a dream. i quickly brushed on two coats of old white, only pausing for a few minutes in between coats (it dries that fast!), not trying to be perfect by any means. when the last coat had gotten a good chance to set and dry i worked across the door with a fine sanding block, focussing on areas that didn't look great from how i had painted and making sure to throw in some of my favorite spots - the edges of the decorative inlay and corners. annie sloan suggests that you wax before you sand, but other then a terrible dusty mess, i was happy with the result of sanding first. 

one might argue that chalk paint® is meant to be brushed on, but i did not have enough confidence that i would get my desired look at my skill level so i picked up a dense foam brush for the bottom. the coverage was not nearly as great as with a brush - i had to work a lot harder to achieve the right look, several coats later. so morale of the story is chalk paint® + a nice brush is a match made in heaven!

i was able to complete this project in two days, one for the top and one for the bottoms. it took me one  full quart sized can in each color which is amazing if you ask me! we still plan on adding some fun hardware to the cabinets and drawers but in the meantime this entire make-over was worth only $100. and weeks later i still wander into the kitchen just to smile at my work or run my hands over the soft smooth finish, it is my happy place. 

a good twenty-four hours later, tim went to work with the clear soft wax. this is stuff is amazing, it goes on so easy and leaves nice look and protective surface. in our case there wasn't even any change in the color once the wax dried. there are a couple of spots in need to go sand and re-appply a smoother coat but i am really happy with how well the paint is holding up thanks to the wax finish. we're still debating adding a clear lacquer finish over top the wax, after talking with a official stockist of chalk paint® we concluded that in a high use area like a kitchen it might give it a extra hard and protective finish.

i can't sing praise enough to chalk paint® decorative paint by annie sloan, the idea of no prep work alone has me signed up as a customer for life. the colors are so rich and vibrant and i love the finished texture of the chalk paint® and wax combined. this is definitely an example of a bigger project with chalk paint®, but don't be afraid to try it on most anything! i am already dreaming of working on a mid century hutch to match our work in progress farm table that has a chalk paint® base in aubusson blue(hint: i was able to paint an entire small console table once with a 100ml sample pot.)

have i convinced you yet? before you get started, here are some super helpful links to help you navigate the annie sloan brand:

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chalk paint® decorative paint by annie sloan

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what do you think?