Thursday, September 26, 2013

kitchen farm table update!

Well it's fall and the rain is here - so let's finish all the things! Ok, so our farm table isn't finished yet but I just can't keep it a secret anymore. I am in love.

Tim is working on a long bench to fit one side and eventually all these and three future chairs will be white and distressed. I day dream of all matching chairs down the line but for now I worked with what fit our budget best - dumpster diving and goodwill finds.

Wanting a large table to fill the space and accommodate our family gatherings, we left the two by six pine boards at their pre-cut length of eight feet. The finished dimensions are 96" long by 39" wide and 31" tall. I won't go into any major "DIY" details because we got the general design for some Ana White plans and she did things just fine. However, we did skip the hundred dollar husky legs they suggested and went with a fifteen dollar Lowes find (still the most expensive part of the table!).

Originally the plan was to stain the top a dark color like all of the ones you see floating around Pinterest. Then laziness set in and the table sat in its raw form for sometime and the light natural color grew on us. To preserve that look we used two coats of Minwax "natural" stain and finished it off with Minwax polyurethane in satin. I don't love the glossiness of the finished product but the wipe-ability has me pretty sold on the idea anyway. The bottom portion of the table is painted in distressed Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue. The verdict is still out on if we will add strips of silicone in between the boards - Ask me again in a month if I am sick yet of picking crumbs out with a toothpick and hand vac.

This was totally a beginner project but we highly recommend that you acquire a Kreg Jig before you get started. Working on a project like this, having nice hidden pocket holes really adds a lot to the finished product. Check Craigslist - We lucked out and found one that came with tons of screws for more then half the price anywhere else that we checked.

I am still working on tracking down the perfect chairs to add and transform whether it be with paint or fabric. After the first chair took three cans of paint to sort of cover it, I will admit that I have not been in a hurry to run back to Home Depot and finish the others. This was a fun project to work with Tim on, the plans were easy to follow and there was minimal arguing or tears - I would call that a win!

What do you think?
(Check out the amazing Mid-Century hutch that I inherited from my Grandma! It needs to be de-smoked badly but it is safe to say that I am obsessed.)


melissa rohr said...

Love it! Farm tables are fabulous!