Tuesday, September 3, 2013

month ten

cake smash cake ordered, decorations in pre-planning, i guess i need to accept that this little guy is going to be o-n-e in two months. this boy who loves on people, who claps and walks along the couch. who likes to snuggle with the cat or a pillow or better yet his mustache blanket. this boy who makes duck faces when he knows mama really needs a smile and who started wearing tiny little man style baseball hats. 

i say it over and over again, these months are my favorite! he is such a little person but can still curl and and be mama's baby in a instant. it is such a gift as a parent getting to watch these little people explore and learn and discover. these last months before one hold so many milestones and fun i can't even stand it! robin is no where near walking, even though i say that now and he will probably walk next week, and i am totally ok with that. he stands and cruises and climbs the stairs like a pro but i can keep him my baby a little longer if he would just hold of walking. he is a climber like stella which makes me nervous but proud at the same time. i love this age too because of the clothes and shoes! this weekend his dad took him shopping and bought him a tiny uw hat that looks just alike a adult one but fits in his tiny baby head. he also got some seahawks colored vans that look just like the ones big sisters and mama wear, pretty much dead from the cute over here.

with three sisters in the house we have become quite accustomed to looking over and seeing robin totally enjoying a princess wand or barbie or hair clip. it will be so fun to watch the person he grows into with all of these females constantly surrounding him and fawning over him. robin is a pro at his floor bed now, if he isn't sleepy yet he'l' roam his room playing with his toys but always eventually makes his way back to his bed. we have even introduced a pillow recently and it is pretty much the cutest ever watching him use it the right way. sometimes he'll just lay on it and stare at a toy in his hands, singing himself to sleep. 

we are so blessed in the fact that he is such a good baby! we can take him anywhere and he is so chill and relaxed. he'lls it on laps or hang out in someones arms for hours or happily entertain himself on the floor or grass or wherever. this month we even went to bumbershoot, a huge seattle music festival and he was so happy the whole time. he even loved the loud inside shows and slept through a artist when daddy and uncle broke off on their own with him.

i am a little surprised we have had these same ole' four teeth for while now. based of the heightened fussiness in the evening and extra naps i am willing to bet one is coming. speaking of naps, some how we skipped the transition of three to two and are only taking one? what? i am working on getting back to two because one still doesn't feel quite right even though it is doable and he powers through the day. one nap days are nice for when were busy and on the go though.

his eyes are still blue and his little blond hairs are growing like crazy! i always wanted to keep a little boys hair long but now that he is here i am not sure it would work with his face, we'll see though. i would love love to do shorter sides with longer top, especially is he gets curls like stella had! this next month will be fun i am sure! fall is here (sorta) and while robin will be bummed that means much much less swimming, i can't wait for all the fun inside stuff we'll get to of and all of the cute collard sweaters and elbow patches! ps, i walked/ran when i spotted a pair of robin pj's at target the other day, so stay tuned for many appearances of those over the next month or so!

happy ten months robin!


melissa rohr said...

What a cutie! I think he looks a lot like Rowan, yeah?