Monday, September 9, 2013


i swear we made it to sunlakes this year, even if the lack of photos says otherwise. oh and i swear rowan was there too even if she is no where to be seen - probably busy chasing a cousin or asking for a snack. zoe is at such a fun age that she is more willing to try things like water skiing and cliff jumping! she didn't quite get up on the skis but gave it a good try and would have had another chance if we didn't end up leaving early. this girl also jumped off of a ten foot cliff with her friend!

this year was as epic as any! boating, lounging, eating, swimming, get the drill. we drug along tim's brother sam this year and opted to leave robin at home. he hates his lifejacket and it proves to be difficult getting him to nap on the boat so we left him with my sister. the girls had a blast, zoe and paige attached at the hip as usual, all three girls were just so well behaved. tons of my uncles and cousins were there as usual and the changes and troupes'. we got to witness one of the most amazing lightening storms i had ever seen and it think that same night i probably laughed more then i ever had in my whole life. there was lots of that laughing, and drinking, and laughing. oh, and it was stupid hot the whole time that we were there.

the families that we camp with are some of my favorites! six teenage boys between them, not counting any of my cousins, and they all adore my children like whoa. always asking for high fives or giving piggy back rides or loaning a lap to my kids who always have to be on a lap, carrie and amy are raising some amazing kids!

we ended up having to head home a day and a half early because robin is at that age where he doesn't enjoy when mom and dad aren't around. he was super fussy for my sister and it was breaking my heart since i couldn't do anything about it from the other side of the state. this was also one of those trips where i tried to let it go that i wasn't snapping a picture of every fun and cute moment. i do a lot of that in our normal day to day so i was trying to be more present on this trip. of course i had to take pictures for my wild cousin tyler who gets in some of the best jumps on the wakeboard! there was also that moment where i crawled out of the tent to find stella and two of my cousins double spooning the cake from a birthday celebration the night before, oye.

this is a trip we look forward to all year and i can't wait to keep it up for years to come!