Tuesday, October 15, 2013

#dailyrowankphoto is back!

After a tumultuous finish to our #dailyrowanprek photo journey last year I was determined to pick it back up for Rowan's first year in elementary school. Who knows how many years I will keep this up - Probably till we start to run out of time in the mornings or they say stop. As of now Rowan doesn't let me forget to pull out my phone and snap a pic each day on the way to the bus stop.

We're twenty-nine days into school and haven't missed a day yet! This year we are operating under the hash tag #dailyrowankphoto while Stella took over the #stelladailyprekphoto. It has been fun playing in Rowan's wardrobe this year - She still lets me have full say other then if she wants to wear a dress/skirt or pants. I still pull rank on that one depending on the weather or if we need to throw some leggings underneath. Rowan has even been pretty nice to her clothes and shoes this year sans a lost North Face jacket that I am not thrilled about, but it is nice not seeing torn up knees and toes come home.

This first round-up I wanted to share my shopping sources and some of the brands Rowan wears. I get asked constantly and I love sharing my secrets to dressing fun on a budget! She doesn't grow at too crazy of a rate so most things last us a year or two and things like dresses live on forever with a good pair of tights or leggings!

Most of her items lately are from Hautelook - I am a little obsessed. They are a deal site for Nordstroms and really have some amazing deals from day to day. Passive Juice Motel, Hello Apparel, and Threadless are our goto for one-of-a-kind tees. Other than that a lot of her stuff is thrifted or Target! I have had really good luck on local buy/sell/trade sites on Facebook - I have scored several pairs of kids designer jeans for under $10 and recently a $20 North Face coat to replace the lost one. Thredup is a great online consignment shop - They carry every brand you can imagine and the clothes are always in near perfect condition if not new with tags. Finally, Ebay has been a goldmine for really hot items. Just this year I have scored the girls each a pair of, in perfect condition, Hunter boots for under $15 each. Not to mention I have had a ton of luck with Joe's and Seven jeans on there for the girls, which last and last and I pay less then $15 for! What are your go to deal sites or shops?

If you don't already follow us, you can find me on Instagram under @_melissarohr and you can count on a daily photo of Rowan as she heads off to school. 

Which outfit is your favorite? I think mine is any time she wears those flora harem pants!
Dress + Leggings: Target, Shoes: Sanuk on Hautelook / Jacket: North Face, Jeans: Joe's Jeans from a buy/sell/trade FB site / Tee + Shoes: Target, Pants: Funkyberry on Hautelook.
Dress: Crewcuts, Shoes: Liliana/Fab Kids on Hautelook / Tee: Threadless, Shorts: Joe's Jeans on ThredUp, Shoes: Nike Free from Nordstroms.
Tee: Threadless, Shorts: Joe's Jeans on ThredUp, Shoes: DC from Journey's Kids / Tee: Passive Juice Motel, Shoes: Target / Dress: Buckleberry on Hautelook.
Dress: Jelly and the Pug on Hautelook / Jacket: Gap thrifted, Dress: Buckleberry on Hautelook, Boots: Old Navy / Tee: One Jackson NWT on ThredUP.
Tee: Hello Apparel / Tee + Lounge Pants: One Jackson NWT on ThredUp / Dress: Old Navy.
Tee: Gap thrifted / Tee: Target, Skirt: c/o Cauliflower Kids on Etsy, Shoes: Target / Tee: Target, Pants: Gap thrifted.
Sweater: Target, Dress: Handmade by Lindsay (@linkielueville) / Tee: Old Navy, Pants: Gap Thrifted / Skirt: Local Boutique.
Tee: Gap on ThredUP / Tee: Oshkosh, Skirt: Target / Tee: Passive Juice Motel, Pants: Old Navy.
Tee + Skirt: Gap thrifted / Sweater: Crewcuts / Tee: Target.
Dress: Gap, Boots: Hunter on Ebay (I linked a quick search to Hunter's for kids!)/ Leggings: Target.

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melissa rohr said...

OMG i love this series!! I love all these cute little outfits :)