Monday, October 14, 2013

Month Eleven

Month eleven was a lot like month ten other then it is the last month before o-n-e!

Ok, fine and Robin started doing a million new things this month - He was already a confident stander and cruiser but now he can stand up wherever without anything to hold on to (so weird!) and is taking steps. Then, just before the new month started he even mastered standing up from one knee. Robin can say a ton of words which is fun to watch because both Rowan and Stella took their sweet time stringing sounds into words. He is saying mama, dada, stella, nana (rowan), no no no, kitty, cup, uh oh, ouch, and tons of copying things he hears us say.

This month has brought a ton of climbing! Every time I post a new video of Robin climbing a slide or dollhouse I get a earful about how I am in for it having a boy. I think it just is really going to put my baby proofing skills to the test, I guess we shall see.

This month we phased out formula over to almond and coconut milk. I felt confident in this decision because Robin has no issues taking in whatever healthy table food we were eating so I knew he was getting adequate nutrition. We go back and forth on letting him have a formula cup before bed because it seems to help him sleep better if he didn't eat a big meal for dinner but even that will be done soon. We also mastered all types of cups as of this month. He has been bottle free since about 7-8 months but really became comfortable with the harder lid cups and cups with straws recently. It makes it much easier since I don't have to keep buying more cups he prefers. This however does mean he drinks from lots of girl flower and princess cups - Fourth kid, first boy problems.

His birthday party is planned and invites are sent! I'll be damned if I let Pinterest bully me into a crazy over the top party. We are keeping it simple and spending the day surrounded by those who have been a part of Robin's first year of life, and we are super excited that his Papa and Nonnie are making the trip from Minnesota. It is mildly super hero themed, giving Robin the perfect chance to bust out his [Batman] and Robin pajamas. 

Robin loves loves Stella, "Stella" was one of his very first words and he is always laughing at her even if she is just walking through the kitchen or telling him to get off her toys. He loves Rowan too, I think because he spends a lot more time with Stella, their bond is different and I love it. Robin also loves the kitty...a lot.

As I type this, two and a half weeks late, Robin will be one is sixteen days! This year has gone by much too fast and I hate it. On the other hand, it went so fast Robin is still so much "my baby" and that is perpetrated even more by the fact he isn't walking yet. Can i just keep him my baby forever?

I am continually surprised by how loving and sensitive Robin is. I'll admit that I had some preconceived notions about my son being rough and tumble but as I get to know him, he is quite the opposite. It really is a wonder to watch his personality emerge more and more, always dreaming about the boy he will be. I love having a son.

Happy eleven months little dude - Oh how we love you so!


melissa rohr said...

Eeek, 16 days???

melissa rohr said...

that is an epic drool picture :)