Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Mama Style + A Little Check With Reality

Yesterday morning I had to be ready early, like actually ready, something beyond yoga pants and a v-neck tee. I slipped on my go-to joe's skinny jeans and a sheer top I scored at Costco for $5. I thought, "this isn't so bad..." I'm not itchy or overly uncomfortable - maybe I can dress like a real adult.

The top was black and had a built in fitting tank so all was well on the mama rolls front and praise the lord you couldn't tell if I was sweating or not. Let's do this!

It was about two hours into our morning that reality set it - I already had two snags courtesy of my own ring and Robin's finger nails that needed to be cut two weeks ago. There was some obvious residue from the size sticker that screamed this girl has no idea what she is doing and I counted twelve unidentifiable stains that might be snot, drool, Nutrigrain bar, and splash back from the diaper sprayer.

Who was I kidding? 

I touched on the fact before that I needed to try harder and not let social media make me feel bad for my fashion choices. I once saw a girl on Instagram say she wouldn't be caught dead out in jeans let alone workout attire - I thought, oh honey, you really don't know what you're missing out on. I applaud all you ladies who really get into dressing up, carefully selecting and piecing together outfits. I am admittedly a little jealous but that just isn't me - Give me all the hoodies, leggings, and long tees. My guilty pleasure lately has been men's clothes - Urban outfitters, Target, and more all have some great styles that can look just as cute on a lady too!

(It is also totally amazing when you marry a former high school football player. You inherit, read: steal, quite the sweats collection. I win.)

I used to joke that I was going to keep a basket of pjs next to the door for immediate changing into whenever I got home from somewhere. I have four kids to chase, six if you count the two more that I just started in-home daycare for and comfort trumps style for me. that's just the truth. So here I sit in my Costco leggings, my sheer top is crumpled in the corner with the other rejects from my most recent closet rage black-out, and I am comfy as hell.

What is your go-to style? Jeans and a tee or do you find joy in trying new adventurous items out?

Now this is my kind of outfit!
Source: Polyvore


melissa rohr said...

girl i feel ya! I just posted about this yesterday (I cannot even imagine what i'd be wearing if I had 4 kids)...so I'm just giving myself grace...If I can get out of my yoga pants 1-2 days a week = winning

melissa rohr said...

I wear one of the same 3 outfits every day, and I just don't even care right now. Every time I decide I DO care, I get stressed out! So nope, not caring works fine for me.

melissa rohr said...

I'm with you! I'm currently rocking leggings and a button down. Perfect for running errands and dropping my girl off for preschool!

melissa rohr said...

Oh girl! That is my mama uniform to a tee! I LIVE in leggings or stretchy-ish jeans, moccs, and some kind of oversized shirt. I love fashion and I like cute clothes but I just want to be comfortable!! Plus, I'm still whipping a boob out for my kid every few hours, so who wants to stretch out a cute top for that? :)