Friday, October 11, 2013

Picture Keeper Review

If your anything like me then you already have planned it out in your head exactly how you would save your photos in the event your house was facing a disaster. "Things" you can replace easily but photos are what preserve those memories that you lovingly created with the people you love. I couldn't even imagine if the details of my wedding or the birth of my children or one of our many camping trips at the coast couldn't be flipped through and admired by generations to come.

When Picture Keeper contacted me about reviewing their project I was totally on board. Of course I have my photos printed, burned onto cd's stored in the fire safe, and saved on a hard drive but I love the accessibility and ease of use the Picture Keeper offers. You simply "plug and save!" The USB device comes in many capacities and has built in software. It auto searches your computer for photos and even recognizes duplicates to save space. 
I was sent the PK4 which could potentially hold up to 4,000 depending on the size of your photo files. Considering that I have about 8,000 photos between the drives attached to my computer the software took a little while to run (about twenty minutes) and sort through all of the mess of photos. In the end it was able to store almost 1,200 photos. One of my favorite parts was watching it work - It shuffles through large thumbnails as it stores, giving me the chance to look back at some photos that I had honestly forgotten existed. Stella with chicken pox, my bridal shower, when Rowan was a tiny baby and more. All of these memories now safely stored away on a grab-and-go device.
After I got notice that I ran out of room pretty fast I went back in and made some adjustments to my settings so that it wasn't saving every last photo it found. Most of my files are well over 1MB so I didn't really come close to the possible 4,000 capacity. However, if you chose to purchase a second device, like the Picture Keeper Pro then the new one would pick up right where the first left off - How neat!
A great product in a small package, I would definitely recommend this for your photo storage needs!