Thursday, October 10, 2013

Robin Big-Boy Room Progress

If we are friends on Instagram then you know I have been promising you Robin's room for awhile now.  Truth is, it isn't anywhere near finished. Other projects have sprung up and since it is just the details left it has gotten put on the project back list. I didn't want to break the reveal into several posts, but instead have one big one when I had plugged the final lamp in and hung the last piece of art so I have put off showing you anything.

Then today after I was done cleaning - the bed was made and the floor was free of boogers, I found myself just looking around his room with a smile on my face. It is such a blessing that Tim and I have been able to put our heads together and give our kids fun spaces on a budget that will hopefully be memory makers in their lives. It is fun working together seeing my vision become a reality and it is always such a blessing that I have a smart handy husband who isn't afraid of power tools.

Coming up, I am on the hunt for a Aztec kiln rug to layer with this soft wool one I inherited from my mom. I want to get those clear fillable lamps from Target and fill them with matchbox cars and other small toys from Tim's childhood. On my next trip to Ikea I am going to get a 2x4 white Expedit to help house Robin's growing collection of boy toys and I am sure I will find some other room must haves while I am there (read: all the sheepskins are belong to me.) I need to track down a few sets of boy sheets that he can grow with and finally I would like to get our two large Minted prints framed.

These are mostly all little things that once I sit down and focus on finishing them it should be a breeze - but with fall schedules and other looming renovations it'll just keep getting put off for now.

So I want to go ahead and show off his room in progress...
I go back and forth on loving and hating the blue, wishing I had gone with white. For the most part though I just embrace it because who are we kidding - I don't plan on trying to go from dark blue to white anytime soon. It is funny to stand in the hall and look at the kids rooms side-by-side, the girls room a pale ballerina pink and Robin's room a dark masculine blue.

I want to come back eventually with a details post on how we did his bed. In all honesty we have been throwing around the idea of redoing it now that we own the Kreg Jig. It bugs me terribly that you can see the screws and the fact that there are extra holes from mistakes. I originally saw the idea on Pinterest from a international designer. I showed it to Tim and with a little planning and math he made it a reality for me. I keep trying to convince him to build them to sell!

PS, the floor bed is going great! At almost one, Robin is finally taking advantage of being able to play and explore his room when he wakes up or isn't ready for bed. This has made for a much less stressful routine in the morning and night. He rarely ever fell out and mastered getting in and out pretty quick. We recently introduced a pillow and blanket and I think it is safe to say he is the first of four to stay in a normal sleeping position all night. 

Source list: Prints c/o Minted, Scribble building wall decals c/o Deco Mod Walls, dresser (repainted by me) and book ledges and bedding are all Ikea, and the Eames type rocking chair Zulily.