Monday, October 28, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Whew! What a weekend - Family visiting from Minnesota, a birthday party, harvest festival, an epic brunch and enjoying fall in the pnw. We are still a little bit in recovery mode as we sleep walk through our Monday routine. Luckily it's a week of half days for confrences so there is a little effort involved when it comes to lunches and schedules.

On Thursday we got some visitors from Minnesota in the form of a Papa + Nonnie. The girls were over the moon with excitement to see them and Robin warmed up to them just in time for them to head to Tim's sister's. With them here we stayed busy shopping and crafting and getting ready for Robin's first birthday party! 

Friday after Rowan got home, Tim and I zipped her off to harvest night at her school. They had trick-or-treating at each classroom and a creepy cafeteria where Rowan willingly hugged the creepiest clown because I told her that is what she was suppose to do. I, the total freak, literally teared up every time someone recognized what her costume was. One teacher was literally shrieking with joy and asked if Rowan could come home with her, uhhh… We, I mean Rowan totally scored quite the candy loot.

Side note: What has happened to imagination in costumes? Have store bought ones gone down on quality or do I just notice more because I am older? There were at least 437 muscled super heroes and 215 kids still dressing in the costume from Scream. There was one totally original and awesome mummy costume and a teacher dressed like Katniss. 

On Saturday we filled our house to the brim with twenty-five or so of our favorite people to celebrate our little man turning one (officially on Wednesday). In my true busy-body fashion I took a total of three photos on my dslr, one being Robin's dainty attempt at murdering his slice of cake. It was lightly super hero themed, since I have decided to rebel against "the Pinterest party", and I invited friends to "dress up" if they wanted too. There was three Batmans here and I had to snag a photo of them with my Robin. Crossing my fingers as I type this, that photo turned out.

On Sunday we snuck away to a epic brunch at The Skillet in Ballard. We may have had to wait for thirty minutes for a table and then again for our food while warding off cranky waitresses, but...skillet macaroni with a funion crust + a bacon jam bloddy mary, that's all.

Last night I tackled a little bit of the left over mess, ate some cake so that the rest would fit in a tupperware and fed the kids cereal for dinner. Today I am wrapping up some favors and crafts for the girls teachers and class and putting final touches on their costumes. Still debating if I am going to throw together something for Tim and I so stay tuned. It was the perfect crazy weekend and this time of month is insane for us with all the birthdays. I can't wait to do it again!
How was your weekend? I bet a lot of you went to some great holiday parties - I can't wait to hear about them!


melissa rohr said...

Looks like a super fun weekend. I am just about over Halloween this year. I don't know what brought on the bad mood about it all but I am cringing on the inside with a smile on the outside because I don't want to ruin it for my kids. And let's not even talk about Christmas this year. My kids act like such spoiled brats that I am not really looking forward to that either. Somehow we need to backtrack and focus on the true meaning around here. Wow, did I just whine and complain on your blog. Thanks for letting me do that friend! 😊

melissa rohr said...

No worries, I am here to listen!

Last Christmas we drastically changed our approach. The kids got 1-3 meaningful gifts each and that was it. This year we are really only focusing on one and maybe a book. I am over it - it gets way to overboard and they don't appreciate or end up breaking what we get them. They didn't have one complaint last year and it was a great feeling! Instead of gifts we filled the day with fun and crafts and food :)