Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sneak Peak Of Stella's Lalaloopsy Costume + Yumbaby Discount Code

First she was going to be Edward Scissor Hands, then Batman, then Wonder Woman, get the picture.

It is right around three that I stop trying to heavily influence their costumes or just pick them outright. I just try my best to steer them away from anything too popular or store bought (unless your Robin and going as a fox). We were feeling pretty good about Wonder Woman and I had even started online shopping here and there to put the costume together. Then a few weeks ago while I was scrolling through Instagram, Stella saw the browser open to the Yumbaby hat shop IG and yelled, "LALALOOPSY! I WANT LALALOOPSY HAIR SO I CAN BE A LALALOOPSY FOR HALLOWEEN!"
She specifically was going nuts for the purple wig so we did a little searching to find a Lalaloopsy that had similar hair - That is how we found Pillow Feather Bed, owner of the most ridiculous name if you ask me. This one also happened to be one of the few dolls that had a costume for purchase this year but after looking at it in the store, I just couldn't fork over the money for something so cheap and flimsy.

Yumbaby wanted to send Stella the wig to help put together the perfect hand-made version of the costume that she could now not stop talking about. That sealed the deal for us so I got to work. On Ebay I tracked down a pair of gently used Hanna Anderson pajamas in a similar striped pattern, I picked up some read striped fabric and the appropriate buttons at Hobby Lobby, and we are still on the hunt for a stuffed sheep! 
Grandma is going to help us piece on the red stripe fabric in the right places but I am still not sure what I am going to do about Stella's feet since the doll is technically wearing footie pajamas. If I am feeling extra crafty I want to whip up a sleep mask to match and we need to reposition the bow and add a ribbon headband to it. I haven't gotten far yet but thankfully we still have lots of time and Rowan's Eloise costume is all ready to go.

I am excited to be putting this costume together on our own but I just can't get over some of the adorable Lalaloopsy costumes floating around Etsy!

If your little one is dying to go as a Lalaloopsy this year, whether you make your own costume or purchase one you have to pair it with a Yumbaby wig hat! I can't sing enough praise to this shop - The wigs are made of TONS of soft fluffy yarn carefully knotted onto a simple knit cap. Stella loves wearing hers, she says it is so comfortable and we don't really have to struggle to get all of her real hair up into the nice fitting cap. Not to mention it is guaranteed to keep her warm on Halloween night.

The owners of Yumbaby have graciously offered my readers a discount code good through the end of the year. These wigs and hats aren't just for Halloween! For 10% off your purchase at Yumbaby, use the code: WHILEITRAINS2013.

They will be taking orders up until the week of Halloween with rush shipping available but I wouldn't wait too long. I mean, how cute are these wig hats?

Make sure and follow the Yumbaby Shop on Facebook to stay updated on new products and fun stuff they have coming up for the holidays!

Disclosure: Stella was sent a complimentary Yumbaby wig but all words and opinions are my own. I stand behind this shop and its quality product.