Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Dollar Glitter Skulls!

Dollar store for the win - this time at least! 

I am always feverishly pinning these mythical dollar store item makeovers but can't ever find what I need to do them. So when Rowan and I randomly wandered into a Dollar Tree on Sunday and I saw the Halloween haul, I began throwing skulls and spiders and creepy webs and black birds into my cart like it was my job (and then went back again the next day). 

Thank God that there was a Joann's next door because the first pins to pop into my head were some of glittered covered skulls - Tim is gonna be so thrilled I thought, yea for glitter! Simultaneously scrolling Pinterest and my Joann's coupon app I grabbed a giant shaker of silver glitter and did a mental inventory on my glue and Mod podge supply at home. No Mod podge, no worries - here is a quick and easy recipe using Elmer's glue and water. Spray adhesive or brushing on any craft glue would work too!

I dumped my whole container of glitter into a giant bowl then went to town brushing on the adhesive, as much as I could at once. I rolled my skull around in the glitter till it was evenly covered and then let it dry on parchment paper before going back and least twice more to fill in missed spots. Tip: Spray paint your skulls with a color similar to your glitter choice. I am a perfectionist and it drove me nuts if even a speck of the skull was showing through. 

The skulls were a dollar each and the glitter was three dollars, so that works out to be about two dollars a skull and I have over two-thirds of the glitter left. I'd say that is a win over similar ones priced at $10-20 each.

What do you think?