Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I have to say that this is one of my most favorite Halloweens to date. Even Robin got into trick-or-treating when we let him select his own candy from the bowl and he loved all the extra snuggles he got in his cute fox costume.

If you didn't already guess - Rowan went as the sassy Eloise from her favorite books, Stella was Pillow Featherbed Lalaloopsy and Robin was a fox. Lots of people asked Stella if she was Raggedy Ann which  I couldn't really see and I think a lot of people assumed Rowan was just coming from school. Thankfully only one person asked Robin, "what does the fox say?"

We started off our day with a quick stop at our friend Lennox's for cute overload and photos. Then quickly we zipped down to Factoria to trick-or-treat at the mall and check out a Radio Disney event with the cousins. When that wound down we headed off to Tim's co-workers for  yummy dinner and the official trick-or-treating of the day. This was our second year joining them, we would have last year but Robin was less then twenty-four hours old and it rained. They had three kinds of soups and chilis and the girls always love playing with the other kids that are there.

Rowan raced around trying to keep up with the big kids all night and even though she had a strong start, Stella was ready for bed after just a few blocks. When we were packed back in the car heading home I asked the girls if they had fun - I was met with some groans and complaints about heavy buckets. I couldn't have rolled my eyes harder at them, ha!

As usual I had so much fun dreaming up and creating their costumes with them. We enlisted Tim's aunt to help with Rowan's and my jaw dropped when it came in the mail, it was perfection. I refused to buy Stella the store version of her costume so with some Hanna Anderson pjs off Ebay and a trip to Joann's, my mom and I were able to come up with a pretty cute and realistic outfit. Thank you again to The Yumbaby Shop for sending Stella the most perfect wig to finish off her costume - it kept her head so warm on Hallwoeen!


melissa rohr said...

You nailed the hell out of that Lalaloopsy costume.

melissa rohr said...

Thank girl! It is so fun picking costumes with them - we're already planning next year!

melissa rohr said...

I knew Eloise right off the bat!!! People are so weird. I remember one year I was a teenager and wanted to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and my super Jewish mother wouldn't let me leave the house holding a cross necklace so everyone was like "why didn't you even dress up?" and I was the most sullen, aggravated teenager ever. Buffy fail. The kids all look amazing!

melissa rohr said...

Haha, oh no! Yea people are so weird lol - Her costume couldn't have been farther then raggedy ann! I did almost cry anytime someone recognized what Rowan was, especially when it was a kid ;)