Monday, November 25, 2013

Let Me Tell You A Little Something About Target...

I debated dedicating a whole post to this because I assumed a lot of people already knew this about Target, then I mentioned it on Facebook the other day and the general consensus was a lot of excitement that I had just let them in on a dirty little secret…

Target price matches.

More specifically they will price match (among all the other big box stores) and it has been my experience over the last few weeks that almost everything I was already buying was $5-$15 cheaper on Amazon then at Target. I know, I know, why not just order on Amazon with Prime? Because I am impatient, sometimes need a birthday gift or item right then, and other times I like to feel and see the item before I buy. 

Rowan had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket over the weekend and was able to pick up a Leapster game she had been eyeing for 50% off the Target price (hint: over the next week there are TONS of Leapster games on sale on Amazon). The week before I scored a Lalaloopsy on her list for $10 off price matched + a $5 off coupon I had from the Target toy catalog…what?!

I don't shop at Target anymore without my Amazon app open to the "scan" search option.

There are two ways to do this - You can check out like normal and then take your receipt over to guest service to have it adjusted or if you are just buying a couple of things just skip that step and go straight to guest services. Most Targets now have a specified iPad with an app that allows them to look up your item at stores like Amazon, Toys'R'Us, Bestbuy, and etc.

See, it's pretty easy to save big bucks!

Also, do you have cartwheel on your phone? Get it! On top of price matching you can earn 5% and up on TONS of stuff and it changes daily. Just add coupons to your app and scan one barcode at check out. The more times you use it and fun tasks you complete the more coupon spots you get! I don't think I have had a trip to target recently where I didn't save at least $5. Then if you haven't already, look through that toy catalog they sent you last month - There are some really good coupons for almost every big toy brand out there, saving you tons on things I am sure you were already planning on buying, like $5 off Lalaloopsy or Fisher-price toys.

Finally, if you don't have the REDcard yet then you're nuts! It's not just a credit card (unless you want the credit card), you can choose to do a debit instead and have it linked to your checking account. So it's the same way you already spend money there but with 5% off + free shipping and other great perks.

So, there you go. You're welcome! 


melissa rohr said...

I am super irritated because we cannot find our toy catalogue anywhere since we moved! :( I think it got thrown away which totally sucks because it had a coupon for something we were going to get Lilah in it!

melissa rohr said...

That is awesome news. I did not know this either. Thanks for sharing!