Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rowan's Ice Cream Social Birthday Party - The Invites!

As my girl turns six I thought it was the perfect time to push for a transition into a more sophisticated type of party - Read: No more thoughts of Disney themes etc. We'd been talking about a ice cream party for awhile but I had no idea the direction we were going to take it till I saw some fun decorations on a See Jane party (her blog is private now so I didn't link it). You'll have to wait and be surprised on those details but like I have mentioned before, I am always trying to avoid the "Pinterest Party" because it brings me stress and if we're being totally honest goes somewhat unappreciated.

With Robin's birthday just last week, my Dad's yesterday, Mine and Tim's on Thursday, then finally Rowan's next week - The money tree is thin this month. I wanted to give her a over the top party on a budget so we went with ice cream, a face painter, decorating only the table with a few w-o-w decorations and ending the night with a funny movie for her and her girlfriends. 

But…that didn't stop me from setting the tone of this party with a great invite. I don't even know where I dreamt up the idea but an amazon and Shop Sweet Lulu cart full later I had all I needed. I enlisted my Illustrator pro brother in law to whip up the top and inside and I cut the circles out using some old Creating Memories tools. They were super easy to make and I had fun picturing her little friend using them when they play house or bakery. Both Rowan and I were thrilled with the end result. It was fun trying something untraditional when it came to invites. What do you think?
I have to report that I know of one kiddo already who had no idea what it was and it went straight home to the garbage - Whoops! I had coached Rowan on saying what they were and making sure to show them to their parents but it looks like I will be making some phone calls this week!


melissa rohr said...

um...this is amazing. Seriously.

melissa rohr said...

haha, thanks girl!

melissa rohr said...

Okay Miss. Pinterest... these are AMAZING! Seriously the cutest ever!