Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Easiest + Hardest Quilt I Have Ever Made

Congrats to Lindsay Joly on winning the itti kid giveaway!
Since I was pregnant with Zoe I have committed to creating (or having help creating) a blanket for each of my little ones. Zoe and Rowan both have crocheted blankets and with Stella I tried my hand at a little    fray quilt. When I was pregnant with Robin and Pinterest was now in play it was overwhelming narrowing down what I wanted to do for him. The thought of a real quilt was overwhelming to me but I finally settled on this simple tutorial I had found on creating your own chevron chenille quilt. I didn't necessarily want the same look but the idea of creating the quilting by sewing along the chevron pattern was fascinating for me so I went for it. 

I picked up two yards of a soft thick fleece and my favorite color of a bold chevron fabric (I know, chevron is sooo over). After washing I pinned the two piece together and got to work "quilting" along the chevron. This is is where I realized what a task I was in for. I am not overly skilled at sewing with my machine so I had to go slow and in the process my eyes and back and hands got tired very quickly. I was lucky if I could do five rows in a sitting. PS, I was stills king a terrible job of staying on the lines anyway. Long story short I started this little quilt when I was about six months pregnant and just finished it two months ago. 

When I was done with the quilting I laid it out and trimmed the sides evenly to prepare it for binding. I went with a simple ready made quilt binding and with some help from my mom added a fun folded look as it was put on. I opted to not layer several fleece and flannel to create the chenille look but instead was just in love with how the quilting looked. The blanket washes great and Robin loves it - he always pulls it over when we tuck him in at night.

It was a fun but very time consuming project - Still so in love with it though!

(Details: Hard to tell in the photo but you can kind of make out the "folding" I was talking about in the binding and the quilting along the chevrons.)