Monday, December 9, 2013

A Week Of PJ The Elf

I did it! I caved - I finally talked myself (and sort of my husband) into an Elf On The Shelf. I just couldn't make excuses anymore when I saw it for a steal on Black Friday at Bed Bath and Beyond. I even called Tim for the "ok" and he told me I could if I really wanted and that he trusted I would make the right choice. That meant not to buy it - But I did anyway…

Let's be totally honest here, PJ (that is her name) is way more for me then the kids. I mean Rowan gets really into finding her each morning but I totally get a holiday high over dreaming up her mischief after the kids go to bed. I even vowed not to use him to threaten because I don't need a ploy to scare my kids into always being on their best behavior. That is something that I enforce year round. 

For a milisecond I worried about becoming "that mom" on Facebook that annoys everyone with their elf and while you might be rolling your eyes so hard at me, so far PJ and her antics have been really well received. So, I spam away. It's only seven days in and I am already running out of the real genius ideas. I mean can I really top PJ pooping on Kaepernick? Probably not. Thank God for trusty Facebook groups like Elf on the Shelf Ideas by organizedCHAOSonline. I tell them where to find the perfect props and they tell me how glue dots are the bees knees for posing your elf. Also, Tawsha is just amazing with her elf's tiny sparkly high tops and innovative scenes of mischief.

I'll try and share our elf here and there. Tonight he is going fishing with a tiny pole I found in the miniatures section at Hobby Lobby and tomorrow? Who even knows yet, ha! Are you doing an Elf On The Shelf this year? Leave your link, I would love to check them out!
Hints: I found our fairy door at Hobby Lobby - It stays up year round for any magical creature to use as they please.

Mini marshmallows or sprinkles are much easier to clean up then flour, wink wink.

For the pooping elf, I have seen a million options for this but I just sewed fishing line through her hat and taped to the underside of the cabinet. Then I used glue dots on her feet and hands to make the position more realistic. Rowan has even been up close and still doesn't get how she is staying like that!


melissa rohr said...

We are huge Kaepernick fans, and even bigger 9er fans. BUT this is so genius who am I to knock it?!?

I LOVE these. I'm too lazy/tired to some of the elaborate ones you've so masterfully executed, but the underwear on the tree one?! Oh yes, I'll be doing that tonight!! I resisted the elf for so long. But at this point, more people have them than don't, and it broke my heart to hear Eli ask me when our elf would show up. if only they'd stop telling on each other to the elf...

melissa rohr said...

Haha I know what you mean! Except my oldest is always like "so and so's elf did this, when will our elf do that?"


Go Seahawks!

melissa rohr said...

AWESOME! I so want an elf/fairy door. I will have to get one for Gracie soon. She would love it. They are so cute.