Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year And Such...

It has been nearly impossible to crawl out from under the holidays - The husband time, the food, the decorations, the stomach flu. Clearly I will require at least seven more viewings of Christmas Vacation and/or The Santa Claus before I can admit that the year is over and it time to organize, exercise, etc.

Christmas was wonderful and different. It was effortless to enjoy the time with my family, having lost Adrienne only a few days earlier. The time with our loved ones in short and precious, I see that more then ever now. We were still so freshly grieving...

All of us came down with that stomach bug on Monday before Christmas. After some rearranging and canceling of most of our plans we found ourselves home Christmas eve and morning with just our little family. I had everyone up by five after a failed attempt at cinnamon rolls and couldn't wait to get started. Big mistake - Stella was a wreck and tantrum-ed through most of the morning till nap. She was sweet and excited about all of her gifts but after gift one, two, even three we had the normal realization that we could have easily stopped there. Joke is on us I guess but her joy was still worth it and I can't help myself, I love picking out the perfect gifts for people.

My brother in law got me a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, aside from the blanket sweater and Naked 3 pallet that Tim blessed me with, the Kindle is easily my most appreciated gift this year. I don't think I have set it down in nine days, I just can't get enough. Four books in and I am feeling more human then ever - Processing more syllables and words then just yes, no, and stop licking that. So here I sit with a good book (Chelsea Handler's Horizontal Life), cozy, eyes done, snot on my leggings. Happy New Year to me! 

My New Year resolutions? To remember to write 2014 on checks. I tried to make a list and got stuck on "make a quilt". I am still trying to decide on a word. I keep coming up with "PURGE" but that just is not a pretty word, ha!

So stay tuned for my word, tons of fun and a new look coming soon! What are your new years resolutions?