Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hidden Room Under the stairs - mood board

Picture this - Tim saunters into the room and casually mentions that we should cut into a wall in the hall closet and turn under the stairs into a room for the kids. I do the whole cartoony exaggeration of cleaning out my ears all squeakily to make sure I heard right. I mean twist my ever loving diy'ing arm right? I knew there was a reason I kept him around.

Instantly I pictured painted breadboard ceilings, white walls, and weathered wood (laminate look-a-like) flooring. This has to be a space that the girls and boys of the house can share so I want to stay neutral and inviting with colors and textures. We talked about hiding the entry many ways - A book case that opens like a door, purchasing a smallish wardrobe to put in the closet and making it lion witch and the wardrobe style, or simply hanging some curtains. The most practical solution would be a bookcase being that this is my craft closet and I will lose a ton of storage when we move the existing cabinet out of there.

A tiny tv will most likely make it's way in so I want the space to be mostly a media area for the kids full of comfy rugs, floor pillows and throw blankets. Of course there needs to be storage for dolls, books, and maybe legos and the smaller spots under the low stairs will be perfect for these! I was in love with this tiny dollhouse shelf when I saw it in Diana + Bella's homeschool room. Stella is mildly obsessed with Mini Lalaloopsy dolls these days and this provides a space saving option to bring them in and play.

Wasting no time at all we cut into the wall to see what we had in store for us! The space isn't huge due to the fact that the closet and nearby guest bath take up some of the under-the-stair space but there is still room for fun to be had nonetheless. It's like my wildest Pinterest board dreams come true and I can't wait to share our progress with you!

1. Bead board from Home Depot, 2. Zig-zag runner from Urban Outfitters, 3. Weathered laminate from Home Depot, 4. Ikea bookcase for faux door in closet, 5. A sea glass green/blue color for the bead board ceilings, 6. These fun Pottery Barn Teen industrial lights, 7. Land of Nod storage bins and baskets, 8. A mix of floor pillows from Pottery Barn Teen, Urban Outfitters, and Land of Nod, 9. Land of Nod four story wall storage, 10. Faux taxidermy of some kind like this unicorn from Pottery Barn Teen, and 11. This small folding table from Pottery Barn Teen for crafts, snacks, and homework.
xoxo melissa


melissa rohr said...

Sounds seriously awesome. As soon as you mentioned it on FB, I ran to the coat closet (that is directly under our stairs) and was picturing a secret passage way into a hidden room. lol. But I promise you, my husband would NOT go for that. lame sauce. So.. I will have to live vicariously through you :)

melissa rohr said...

I can't wait to see this finished. You guys have a style similar to ours, except you actually follow through with your plans you come up with. Lol.

melissa rohr said...

Lol, i'm one of this people that gets an idea and goes intensely with it till it happens ha. Tim regretted mentioning it the second it left his mouth lol. I am super excited though! We just got all the flooring and wall materials! I picked up a rug and baskets too…eeek!

melissa rohr said...

Really?! That would have been my dream come true when I was little! Okay, admittedly I still think it sounds pretty darn cool. :) What a fun space to design!