Monday, January 13, 2014

Improve. There is always room for improvement.


This is my first year dreaming up a word to take the lead of the next three hundred and sixty-five days. I went back and forth on if this was even really for me - If I was doing it because everyone else was or if it could truly be meaningful in my life. Then I started to evaluate last year, last year was a lot of big and little unfortunate events that accumulated heavily on my heart and mind. I need this year to be different. Still emerging from twenty-thirteen a little broken I want something to hold me accountable for making this year, and every one going forward, better (or at least have given it my best attempt).

Simplify and purpose were strong contenders this year but didn't quite fit the build of all I need right now. I am too all over the place physically, emotionally, and spiritually as I enter this year - I need to reground myself and most importantly my faith before I work on much anything else. Maybe I need to take up some yoga? My mind raced with different ideas until I came to improve. It perfectly encompassed the direction I needed to go this year and as my first try at a "word of the year", it left room for interpretation. There are at least five million things I would like to improve or tweak or straight up change but off the top of my head these are the most important:

Improve myself, this is a huge umbrella statement for a ton of things that need to improve. I want to focus more on a five year plan in 2014, whether that means applying for school to get my bachelors or trying to settle into more of a career versus just another job. The baby factory is closed so it is time to start looking beyond diapers and teething. I want to lose weight and finally get to the bottom of some little health issues that have been ailing me. I want to try an elimination diet or take a comprehensive food panel and just know once and for all the ingredients that make me feel crumby.

Improve my marriage, a marriage is something that can always be worked on and improved upon. Tim has been so busy for our family working two jobs and add to that the ages our kids are at there isn't a lot of "us" time, in fact there is little to none. 2014 will be about more date nights and conversations, and real work putting us first some of the time (or all the time?).

Improve the way we give back, when I wrote my post on grieving through our friends death, I mentioned that Stella and I would be attempting to pick up where Adrienne left off in a cause or two. I want to get involved in The Lydia Project specifically and do Relay For Life in A's honor. I want to put our heads together with Jesse her husband and see what else we can come up with - I know the possibilities are endless and I am excited to get to work!

Improve my blogging, I want to be better about scheduling and promoting and reading other peoples blogs. Commenting - I want to be so much better about commenting on the blogs I love! I almost woke up in 2014 and shut down my blog. I was feeling stretched thin and uninspired but deep down that is not what I wanted. I also worry that my blog is taking the wrong turn with so many promoted posts but when you have a husband who works as hard as mine does and the opportunity comes along to make some good money yourself? Then you write a damn post about noodles or toilet paper. That being said I want to find balance with my content so that both you and I are happy.

Improve our bodies and minds, first and foremost this means more church! We love our church and have let ourselves down this last year by not attending regularly. Secondly, I am almost positive that Rowan is gluten intolerant and Robin dairy intolerant (at the very least) so the two of them will be having allergy tests and possibly the comprehensive food panel done. I am so tired of ear infections and eczema that I can't wait to get to the bottom of all of this.

Improve the way I run my house, I will de-clutter and get organized if it kills me! Out goes all of the clothes we don't wear, the toys we don't play with, and the four hundred rubber-maid bins full of things we haven't touched in three years. Simplify simplify simplify. I also want to become more organized in the way I clean and schedule my time around the house. There are good weeks where I can easily stay on top of the house work, I mean our house is only 2,000 square feet. Then we get busy or go out of town and it completely falls apart and I am stuck feeling overwhelmed at the huge project of getting it back to a decent shape. Unfortunately the state of my house greatly affects my mind and makes me feel cluttered myself, I know my days can be that much better if I can just come up with a way to sty on top of it.

Improve my cooking…?

What was your word this year? Leave the link to your post - I would love to read it! I am feeling really inspired by some of the posts I have read so far. People have set some great goals for themselves this year and I wish every one the best trying to get there!
xoxo melissa


melissa rohr said...

great word, and i love the new look melissa. my word...SURVIVE. LOL

melissa rohr said...

My word this year is FUN! The last few years were "growth" years, and this year I find myself in a pretty good place. So I'd like to take that and run with it! Maybe that will be your word in a year or two. :)

melissa rohr said...

Oh Ruthy!! I am so sorry for what you are going through! I am glad you can have a sense of humor about it sometimes :) Hang in there!

melissa rohr said...

Love it! I know exactly what you mean - This will totally be a growth year for me in all facets. Next year can be "fun" etc ;)

melissa rohr said...

You know I love this Word. Good for you!! I think there is SO much room for improvement in our lives... it's hard to remember to take those small steps but it's worth it!

melissa rohr said...

I actually really like the blanket statement 'improve.' It's good to just keep that in the back of your mind... when you're faced with something challenging, or even when you're not, just to take the extra step to ask how it might be better will be so important and helpful! I don't always remember to do this, but there's another improvement to make. ;) Haha! I wish you all the best in 2014!!


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melissa rohr said...

Thank you! I thought that this being my first "one little word" that I would set my self up to achieve by having it so open to interpretation :) Next year can be more specific and fun but I need to get whole again and focus on the nitty gritty.

melissa rohr said...

Great minds think alike :) I think we need to "improve" how many gno-s we have this year! We were lacking in 2013!