Friday, January 17, 2014


I guess we could have all wagered money that I wouldn't be able to keep up sharing Pj with you guys. The good news? She actually still made an appearance almost every night - I just wasn't up for editing and posting the photos as we went. Sorry! That plus the fact that while we were in Georgia for the funeral, PJ went on a very important mission to fill in for another sick elf. I didn't want to saddle my family with trying to coordinate another "person" so I thought of that little story on the fly for inquiring minds. No joke, that was the first thing Rowan asked me when I said we were leaving and she was going to stay somewhere for a few days. "But what about Pj?"

I know, it's the middle of January and nobody cares about my stupid elf, but if I don't share these now chances are they'll never make an appearance. So pin these little gems away for next year and we can all call it good! I might even add elf #2 to the mix come December - You know for duet ballet scenes, snowball fights and other equally awesome elf shenanigans. I'll get back to you on if Tim approves this idea. 

So without further explanation, here is more Pj:
In other news, the girls tell me no less then three times a week that they really miss Pj…Oye.

Hints: For Spiderman I sewed fishing line right through her hands and feet then knotted to create the position she is in. I googled "Spiderman clipart" and found this image, printed it at 100% (about 2.5" and the perfect size) on card stock and attached with a glue dot. 

The snow I got at the dollar store in a pop can, you just add water and it even came with the tiny shovel!

Don't put make-up on your elf. It doesn't come off…

Tiny pancakes are best made with a medicine syringe/dropper.

Hobby Lobby has the best props in the miniatures section and the Jolees' Boutique sticker section.
xoxo melissa


melissa rohr said...

Hi! I found you on the Seattle local mom blogs site. I am fairly new to the Seattle (ish) area (I'm on the Eastside, but go into Seattle about once a week), and it's fun checking out blogs by other local moms. This is an incredibly cute post! I am not usually a huge fan of the elf on a shelf stuff, but the marshmallow bath and scooping reindeer poop pics (as a former zookeeper, I really loved this one) may have just won me over. I can see how my son would get a kick out of that kind of thing. Maybe this year we'll try it. :)

melissa rohr said...

Hi!! Haha, yea the Elf is a huge commitment - there is nothing like being exhausted in bed and realizing you didn't move it! I did get pretty into it though, I was def more for me then the kids lol.

We actually live about 30 minutes north of Seattle but my husband works on the Eastside!