Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yoga kids, Week one - Rock

Stella has always shown interest in physical activity. Always willing to try new things at least once, I was really excited when she took a liking to yoga. I put her and Rowan in a class this fall and right away Rowan wanted out - Her limited flexibility and movement due to her Encephalitis made it difficult and painful for her. Honestly though, I wish she has stuck with it because it would have eventually helped this exact issue, but I don't like to force sports on them (so ballet it is!).

When the class ended we kept learning new moves via Netflix, cable videos, or just simply googling kid yoga positions. So naturally I was really excited when I found Yoga Pretzels, the card system that her class used. A fun combination of breathing, positions, and games. We like to pull out one of each daily to work on and then usually one of our past favorite too. Stella is actually very good at it, she is flexible and has good balance and breathing. I know absolutely nothing about yoga myself but am beaming at my little yogi.

With Stella's permission we decided to start sharing her daily yoga with you! We'll try and post on a semi-regular basis but life is as crazy as ever and I can't make any guarantees that we will get to her yoga every day. I will try and do a mix of breathing and positions - I can't wait to hear if you guys play along!

First up is Rock!
Rock is a forward bend and the very first position that Stella ever mastered.

(Per the Yoga Pretzels card for ROCK)
1. "I am grounded." Sit on your shins, spine straight.
2. "I am silent." Fold forward over your thighs.
3. "I am still." Stack your fists beneath your forehead.
4. "I am a rock." Place forehead on the ground; rest hands by feet.

"Connect with the earth and imagine being a rock, stone or crystal. What texture, size, and shape are you? How old? How heavy?

Let's go, rest and just be where you are. Go inside and feel the magic of silence, the strength of stillness."
xoxo melissa


melissa rohr said...

Just found you via Seattle Local Mom Blog! Excited to hear more of your refreshing/honest/over-sharing (as you call it) because it ROCKS. :)

melissa rohr said...

So glad to have you here!! :)

melissa rohr said...

Too freaking cute!! I so want to get those Yoga Pretzels cards now!

melissa rohr said...

amazon! So worth it - the kids pull them out on their own daily!

melissa rohr said...

Thank you :)