Monday, March 31, 2014

Ikea Rast Hack - Union Jack Night Stands

Whew - What a crazy couple of weeks! I have been dying to get this transformation up but who knew that when you kid turns four the world stops turning for some crazy amount of time. I think we're still recovering from her party and out of town guests!

As I teased a few weeks ago, I had big plans for a couple of tiny $35 dressers that I had grabbed at Ikea. As part of my commitment to the Country Chic Blogger Squad this was one of the first projects that I checked off my list because once my tufted headboard came together it was just looking so naked next to my bed and it was finally time to fill it with some night stands!

Before we even put the Rast together I had Tim stain the outside perimeter and then I painted the entire drawer fronts in Country Chic Midnight Sky. When that had dried over night I got to work tapping off the largest parts of my Union Jack. I wasn't a perfectionist about it and just did some quick measurements and eye balling. First color was Country Chic Simplicity (white) and then after that had dried a bit I re-taped for Country Chic Devotion (red). The red was a little thinner and needed two coats but the upside of chalk based paint is how quickly it dries! Right away I did some wet towel distressing - easily my new favorite way to get that vintage rubbed look without the mess of sanding. Later in the day when it was fully dry I added some Country Chic Antiquing wax all over with a wax brush. I ended up doing two coats to get just the right tint.

I am super happy with the results and love the statement it adds to our bedroom!
xoxo melissa


melissa rohr said...

Love it!

melissa rohr said...

That looks great!! I would've loved that in my room when I was in high school, I had a pillow to match! lol