Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Valentine's A Month Late - Pin For Next Year!

I am so behind with the holidays! What is it about preschool and kindergarten that make days like Valentine's etc so nuts? Both Stella and Rowan had actual Valentine's off from school so it was a bit of a race that week wrapping up gifts and making sure we didn't forget anyone - Teachers, friends, bus drivers, neighbors, etc…check.
Rowan asked to recreate the same card we handed out at pre-k last year. I tried to steer her towards something different but she had final say so we went with it. Just like last year we picked out some fun festive fabric and hung it where we had some good light. Then we spent twenty minutes trying to explain to Rowan how to make a shocked and disturbed face like she really had an arrow in her head. It's really hard let me tell you. When we finally got a good one I pulled it into Photoshop to edit it and throw on some text. I print stuff like this at our local Staples for cheap. I had already grabbed packs of six long stick heart lollipops at Target for $1 so when we got home with the prints all we had to do was cut slits and stick the pops in. So easy and really fun to hand out!
Stella and I hit up Pinterest for hers - She was immediately drawn to a play-dough one she saw and with only 9 other kids in her class I didn't mind putting that one together for her. I picked up 10 Wilton heart cookie cutters at Joann's for $1/each and then 20% off my total. I also grabbed some pink Wilton fondant coloring, cellophane bags, and some glitter tape. We made one batch of dough using this recipe and chose to do three different shades of pink so there was a variety. With my ocd kicking in a little I weighed and rolled it all into perfect little balls.

I printed a similar dough recipe onto little cards, changing the name to "heart dough" and adding a XOXO Stella to the end. I took them into Staples and had them laminated so that her little friends could use the recipe over and over at home. We put everything together in the clear bags and finished it off with the tag and glitter tape.

I'm a major fan of Valentine's that don't have candy and I think her friends parents were too!
With some really great teachers in our lives I wanted the girls to give them something fun but practical. I was drawn immediately to this fun one on Pinterest and was thrilled to see it even came with a printable! I picked up several inexpensive glass measuring cups at Target and had the girls investigate their teachers favorite candy - Mrs. Nelsons was M&M's. Who doesn't need more Pyrex in their lives? We also tied on a EOS lip balm for a little something extra.

I am already dreaming of the fun boyish ones i'll get to do with Robin in a couple of years but for now i'm off to find some fun treats for St. Patrick's day!

It's my own personal preference to go all out with things like Valentine's. No judgement here for those that have just as much fun picking out pre made cards but I cringe when other mom's tell me they "hate me" (all in good fun) when I post pictures of a crazy fun holiday craft I just busted out. Only love here people, only love.

xoxo melissa