Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Major Progress: We still have some ways to go before I can say the project is complete but for now all of the major stuff is done and the kids are moved in and loving their new space!

I gave Tim the deadline of Stella's birthday to have the room most of the way done and useable. This project ending up going way above the budget we had mapped out in our heads so that slowed the progress down a lot. It was hard for us to commit to dropping a lot of money into something that wasn't super important on our house to-do list, like a patio or garage organization is. Tim really came through on this project and blew me away with the results considering this was his first time ever doing a lot of the craftsmanship involved. He had to sheetrock, tape, mud, texture, and paint a ton of weird angles in a cramped space and he did a great job! He even laid some gorgeous laminate flooring in there!

Some major to-do's left are moulding, caulk and paint door trim. We need to add Ikea book ledges, art prints, and are still deciding what to do with the angle under the very bottom of the stairs. Tim couldn't work a piece of laminate in because of the angle so we are talking about building a book case or bins into the bottom or closing it off with sheetrock. I have some ideas of baskets, pillows, and blankets I want to add to cozy the space up and we also are on the hunt for a small flat screen tv/dvd combo to hang in there. We have the perfect one in our room so that might mean an upgrade for us!

Tim had turned a living room outlet around into the room so I picked up the perfect hangable lamp at Target. I put a call out of Facebook for a cheap to free crib mattress and Rowan's friend's mom came through with a super nice one, perfect for the space. I spruced it up with a chevron sheet from target and some pillows from around the house.

Approximate spending so far:
Sheetrock $66 at $11 a sheet
Mud and tape $20
Texture $60 at $15 a can
Flooring (laminate, underlayment, tools, etc) $80
Paint $7 oops paint from Lowes
Outlet and light $25
xoxo melissa


melissa rohr said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!

melissa rohr said...

So awesome!!!

melissa rohr said...

I love it!

melissa rohr said...

New Follower. I just adore "the ROOM" under the stairs. What a neat little space.