Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yes it's true - I am officially breaking radio silence to tell you about Robin's "Construction" themed 2nd birthday! I don't even want to talk about how he is two already. When did that happen?

This last year Robin has been all trucks, trucks, trucks, and motorcycles. I am actually yelled at in the car if I don't slow down to a snails pace as we pass construction sites full of tractors and other machinery. So I figured there was no way we couldn't do a construction themed birthday party this year. With a quick search on our favorite invite site Tiny Prints we found the perfect invited to draw inspiration from! Who knew you could do a sophisticated construction theme?

This is one of my favorite parties to date. Do I say that every time? It really was and do you want to know why? Because it was so low budget but still looked like I spent a ton! I did most my party prep and shopping right in my own garage and Tim's work. My favorite touch was the blue prints Tim brought home of an old high school, perfect for a table cloth. Maybe I should have been an architect because all the lines and doodles made me all swoony. I ordered the cones, bins and construction hats on Amazon for a great deal, stalked Costco and Craigslist for reasonably priced trucks, and used Etsy for the finishing touches like the food labels and circle garland. Those tool belts? $0.75 cents each at Home Depot and it just took a few more dollars on felt to really personalize them - Each kiddo took one home with a construction hat.

With scraps laying around, I had Tim mimic the framing of the house on the invitation as our centerpiece, now the kids loving having it around for play. For a good toddler approved activity I filled a large Rubbermaid bin with lima beans and little contraction vehicles with a basket of Robin's eco friendly trucks to pull out as well. Of course I made sure to rope it off with caution tape, also adding a "2" to our door to greet guests. Plates and etc were so easy - I just went with good old construction colors black, yellow and orange. Pinterest was a gold mine for ideas - this party theme seems to be huge these last couple of years and every thing seemed low budget and easy to DIY. I took some inspiration here and there but really loved dreaming up my own ideas and seeing them through. Did I mention that i'm pretty proud of this party?

The cake of course was made by the same gal who has been making our cakes since Stella's first birthday. At first I pinned tons of cakes that were "deconstructed" with tiny vehicles but then I figured with everything else going on with the table it would be too busy. I went with a simple exposed layer cake that was dirt colored haha. The whole party turned out simple and perfect! I didn't go crazy trying to plan and perfect everything and Robin was all smiles the whole day. I think every gift he got had wheels of some kind and he was pretty excited about that - the boy loves to make a good truck, tractor or motorcycle sound.

Throwing boy parties is so much fun! I can't wait to see what he is into this year for the big t-h-r-e-e!

xoxo melissa