Thursday, May 14, 2015


I couldn't resist one more post - my favorite Easter to date!
Tim's parents were in town and we got the chance to host! The food part is so out of my comfort zone so I left that up to Tim and I was in charge of decor and activities! We make a good team like that.

To start off I found some printables on Pinterest - Most were free but the kids table cloth cost me about $10 between purchasing it and having it printed at Staples, well worth it! Target was on point as usual and I picked up an inexpensive table cloth, little fabric chick to stand next to the tulips, and hit up the dollar spot for the bunny crayon bin, grass, eggs, and wind mobile. The bunny masks I found for free as a printable and just had to cut them out and add bakers twine. I added place settings to candy filled eggs with a gold paint pen and all the kids loved the whole set up. For the strawberry display I got a Godiva bunny from Target (I picked a more pricey one because I knew it would have a better shape and detail) and using bread to add height to it, I stacked chocolate dipped strawberries around to make it look like he was a visitor to the strawberry patch. The kids really got a kick out of it!

I can't even get over what a ham Robin was while we snapped some cute pictures of the kids in their Easter duds. Love that guy! Later we made our way to the Tulip fields, something we are a little famous for here in Western Washington! It was the perfect weekend!

xoxo melissa