Monday, September 21, 2015


Summer Fall is here!

So perfect timing for me to dust of the old blog and tell you all about the party we had to kick off summer! A block party is something i've dreamt about since we bought our first house and four years later I finally felt confident enough to make it happen with a little "school's out twist" for the kids and their friends.

Tiny Prints to the rescue with the most perfect selection of invitations as usual. In fact their summer event options were so unbelievable it took me so long to even narrow it down to the Prismatic Party time invite. I was kind of struggling with the direction the decorations would take until I saw this invite and then it was all clear - i'd just decorate with color! Hello Dollar Store!This might be my new favorite party i've thrown! It was outside so almost zero mess inside, food was easy grab n' go snacks, decorations were inexpensive, and everyone had the best stress free time! I may have even actually given myself a pat on the back for my wagon ice bucket idea.

We invited all our friends and neighbors and to keep our costs down did BYO-Meat and favorite drink. I sewed up some cute crepe paper garlands and filled $5 Target buckets with these amazing water balloons and different water toys. The Target dollar bins and summer aisles were a gold mine for this party - spray sidewalk chalk? Yes please! $1 bubbles? give me 10!

Water balloon hint: Buy the original Bunch O'Balloons and wait to fill them up till right when you'll use them.

We all had so much fun and made lots of end of the school year memories - I can't wait for this to become our yearly tradition. 
xoxo melissa