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  henan tianfon group is the first in henan province into green building steel structure industry of high-tech group company, set steel structure building, energy conservation and green building materials in the design, development, sales, manufacturing and construction, application promotion at an organic whole, to form the sheet steel structure, energy saving and integrated housing, such as cold bending machine, steel trade, park real estate complementary advantages, mutual promotion and coordinated development of strategic emerging industry chain, to modern agriculture, new energy and photovoltaic application of epc, modular architecture, tourism real estate development in areas such as extension. at present, the group has 14 subsidiary companies, including two state-level high-tech enterprises, in beijing, together with two liaison offices in major cities such as shanghai. group, the total area of 1400 mu, building area of 180000 square meters.

  tianfon group owns house building engineering construction general contracting level qualification, steel structure project specialized contracting grade one qualifications, steel structure manufacture enterprise class a qualification of premium quality and special steel structure design, has the domestic advanced industrial, commercial, civil, large-span bridge, high-rise building steel structure and electric power, steel structure, large equipment design, development, production and construction ability, is one of the largest steel production enterprises in the central plains, the six provinces in central biggest pressed steel plate, insulation composite panels, energy-saving polyurethane plate production base. have product steel structure products 150000 tons, the energy-saving polyurethane board, rock wool/cotton fiber glass composite panels and other kinds of energy saving, easy to board, yu plate plate 5 million square meters, cold bending forming equipment more than 500 taiwan (sets) of production capacity. relying on the group industrial chain integration capability, tianfon also has advanced manufacturing industry agglomeration area service platform construction, the development and management of standard industrial plants, the enterprise of science and technology project incubation investment ability, ushered in xinxiang and innovative small and medium-sized companies in the midwest headquarters, and will strive to promote the midwest china steel structure housing industrialization process.

  tianfon is the national ministry of polyurethane application building energy efficiency promotion central leading group members, the national green integrated housing mobilization center, national steel structure system of housing industrialization demonstration base. established a provincial enterprise technology center, henan steel structure construction engineering technology research center, henan plank of energy conservation and integrated building engineering technology research center, with various professional and technical personnel more than 300 people, obtained several national patents and national, provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize, a number of products have been recognized as a leading technical level, is a national high-tech enterprise. group was established in 2010 in henan province the first postdoctoral research and development base, and with the architecture of henan province joint training postdoctoral talents postdoctoral scientific research innovation team, actively set up postdoctoral workstation.

  since its inception, tianfon a number of projects won the "china construction steel structure gold prize", has won the "outstanding private enterprises" of henan province, henan "top 50 private technology enterprise", in henan province "heavy contract, keep promise" enterprise, "aaa credit enterprise", and in henan province "famous trademark" and "quality products" and other honorary titles. years of henan province "quality management advanced enterprise" and "advanced construction enterprise" and other honorary title, is in henan province "resources comprehensive utilization enterprise" and "science and technology innovation demonstration enterprises" energy saving and emission reduction.

  scientific and technological innovation, energy saving model. henan tianfon group has always been adhering to the "integrity, cooperation," the essence of enterprise culture, is committed to green energy saving building steel structure industry for a long time, would like to cooperate with the social from all walks of life hand in hand, altogether casts the green, environmental protection, a better future.

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