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a vice mayor of xinxiang wang yumin line to tianfon group investigation research

  at 9 a.m. on august 12, vice mayor of xinxiang wang yumin line to tianfon  group research, and tianfon innovative products and " " internet development situation, has carried on the investigation and negotiation communication, accompanied by li xulu tianfon group president and other leaders.

  mayor wang line to tianfon movability hotel visit investigation, to this kind of comfortable and livable new hotel product is very interested in, its market prospect is good, hope in xinxiang traveling scenic area is widely used.

  during the discussion, the leaders listened to tianfon green residential structure of innovative products day fenggang report system and modular hotel building, and other products. tianfon with era pace, and actively introducing the concept of "internet ", introducing bim technology, crm system of production and management, the innovative modular business model of green building, construction, steel structure, speed up promote transformation and upgrading of industries and the mass transfer efficiency, proposed by introducing p2p financing model, fusion of upstream and downstream industries, cross-border integration of resources, the cluster development, all countries to borrow area strategy, development of new forms and new growth point, provide strong impetus for the development of tianfon .

  mayor wang to tianfon technology innovation, product innovation and internet thinking positive, encouraging tianfon involved in the construction of the new urbanization and an opportunity to "internet ", constantly in terms of product and business model innovation, to promote the wisdom of xinxiang city construction development, help towards intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing of made in china is of great significance.

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