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xinxiang, chairman of the cppcc af129 to tianfon group investigation research

  on july 23, the chairman of the cppcc af129, secretary-general of the cppcc hao guichang, city human resources and social security bureau chief hou huisheng line to tianfon group investigation research, and has carried on the warm discussion. accompanied by tianfon li xulu group president and other leaders.

  liu, chairman of a row over the tianfon innovation product modular movability hotel visit investigation, lee of movability hotel construction speed, mobile convenience, energy conservation, environmental protection and other advantages. visit led to this kind of unique, green environmental protection building model with admiration, says this is the 3 d printing xinxiang leading technology building, seeing is believing, but more than 3 d printing, if have proposed application in xinxiang south taihang traveling scenic area, we will become a new bright spot a feature.

  li discussion, according to "steel structure housing in the housing and the application of the new type of urbanization construction" to make the report.

  green day fenggang structure residence system booster new urbanization construction

  tianfon group as the first in the central plains into green building steel structure industry collectivization enterprise, as the first batch of the ministry approval first-rank housing construction general contracting qualification of 15 steel structure enterprise, one of the steel structure housing industrialization as the national ministry of team members, tianfon  successfully developed a complete steel structure residential building system, mature technology, rich experience and professional construction, and successfully applied in tianfon public rental housing projects, foxconn, blue sky, timing apartment projects.

tianfon public rental housing projects

tianfon foxconn apartment projects

  day fenggang structure green building system, modular buildings, has been used car camp in tibet, xinjiang forest construction, such as hotels and sales center, high recognition by the market.

your garden green technology innovation demonstration building, china will become the drive and lead the new urbanization construction, energy conservation and emissions reduction industry benchmarking and developing direction. 

tianfon ha bear ditch modular hotel project in xinjiang  

  liu, chairman of the line leading to green day fenggang structure residential housing system and modular building products is good, and that will help enterprises to actively promote the new urbanization construction and building industry modernization, further to help enterprises solve other practical difficulties and problems. hope it abundant in the construction of a new type of urbanization in the future play a greater power, for low carbon energy conservation and green living environment to make positive contributions to society

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