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logo interpretation ●mark is the combination of "circle" and "triangle", reflect the culture of "honesty, cooperation". the diamond ring on behalf of the group company at the same time, the triangle representative, means tianfon the diamond quality of the brand.
●the design of the triangle to the enterprise name (day) or phonetic alphabet (t) as the object of play, on behalf of the meaning, in the visual achieves the good effect of "indomitable spirit", symbolic products and the stable development of the enterprise.
●“tianfon”this new english design technique, first of all, follow the principle of simple, easy to remember, second english and chinese pronunciation sound and shape more characteristics, to ensure the uniqueness of enterprise proper noun.
●orange symbol enterprise full of vigor and vitality, blue is composed, respectively reveal tianfon team spirit and industry characteristics, moral tianfon roads in industry vigorous and sustainable development
  • tianfon spirit integrity, cooperation,
    and beyond, and development
  • service concept standardization, valued, seriation,
    differentiation, and common development.
  • business idea adhere to the people-oriented, based on scientific and technological innovation
    committed to customer success,
    realize self transcendence
  • tianfon mottoday line, the gentleman to self-reliance
  • honor national high technology enterprise
    henan provincial enterprise technology center
    energy-saving building steel structure engineering technology research center
    in henan province
      • charity event henan tianfon group pays attention to social return, take the initiative to participate in public welfare activities, for many years to civilian enterprise, construction of rural grassroots party organizations, disabled persons' federation "love assistive" activities, charity and other social aspects making donations. at the same time pay attention to the development of education, has repeatedly to xinxiang makino ma fang elementary school, makino district experimental middle school, school of henan province education institutions such as donations.
      • earthquake relief in the sichuan earthquake relief, the burden of henan tianfon group carry, take more than the temporary houses set production installation and the province choi steel supply organizations dispensing work, outstanding performance won "henan construction department an order", "rebuilding quake-hit sichuan prefabricated houses in henan province advanced unit" and "advanced units of xinxiang support earthquake relief" and "earthquake relief advanced collective" honorary title.
      • integrated housing mobilization center tianfon upon the approval of the national economy mobilization office, established the central region (henan) integrated housing mobilization center, responsible for the country and the army has to, in the field of integrated housing form satisfy the economic construction, social development and military war preparedness need security forces, meet the demand of the government and military mobilization task, give full play to the service center at ordinary times, urgent when emergency, the action of battle during the war.

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