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launch | tianfeng energy-saving refrigerator plate product launches

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cold storage board day abundant energy saving plate company is specifically designed for cold-chain containment system engineering designed a lightweight insulation composite panels, use of lightweight high flame retardant polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool cotton as the core material, baosteel, bluescope painted steel plate, stainless steel plate, the well-known manufacturers such as the surface material, through continuous production line of the world's most advanced italian oms factory production and become, heat sealing, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, flame retardant, non-toxic, light weight, strong pressure, etc.

【product features 】

a)        structure of concave and convex chamfer, improve the insulation plate the joint air tightness, designed for cold storage, warehouse design;

b)        plate uniform solid, heat insulation, waterproof properties is good;

c)        light weight, beautiful appearance, effectively solve the refrigerated industrial temperature difference;

d)        within a module, the library body length, width and height on three directions free of change, can be in accordance with the need to expand or narrow, installation simple and fast.

e)        variable thickness 100mm120mm150mm180mm200mm250mm

【the service sector 】

l  quick-frozen food processing and cold storage (aquatic product, poultry, poultry, prepared food, vegetables, fruits) library

l  slaughter processing factory (pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck, goose)

l  dairy products stores

l  seed storage library

l  biological and pharmaceutical products cold storage

l  prefabricated cold storage room

l  hotel, hotel refrigerator

l  the cold chain transportation vehicle refrigerator

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