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shijiazhuang army command college leading line to tianfeng group inspection guidance

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        at 9 a.m. on november 7, shijiazhuang army command college team in xinxiang municipal party committee secretary shuqing hua-wei zhang commissar rate, to the industry's only national center for integrated housing to mobilize enterprises - henan tianfeng group visit guidance. accompanied by tianfeng li xulu group president and other leaders reception. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent li in the exhibition hall, first introduced to the leader about the recent "prime minister li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting to determine: expand the market, combined with penggai and earthquake-resistant housing projects, etc., to carry out the steel structure building pilot; expanded use green building materials, promotion and application of major emergency equipment products such as" a major steel structure is good. tianfeng encouraged, tianfeng every steel structure engineering of condensed the tianfeng people to energy-saving building steel structure enterprise unswervingly firmly pursue, fenggang structure in the future days will be our new urbanization construction to build a variety of colorful picture scroll.

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     then li tianfeng high-rise steel structure housing project, for steel structure building construction costs, construction speed, comprehensive advantage in seismic performance is introduced in detail. zheng-wei zhang and other leaders of the steel structure seismic safety of the green construction, build efficient and very interested in architectural form, to tianfeng construction expo pavilion, henan xinxiang chamber of commerce in high-rise steel structure building, antique and other steel structure architecture engineering gave high praise.

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     tianfeng modular building exhibit easily movable hotel, military equipped with modular construction and emergency fast room, fully shows the tianfeng outstanding achievements in the construction of national economy mobilization. zheng-wei zhang detailed consulting the price of the product, production, assembly time, application fields, such as li has carried on the detailed answers one by one. zheng-wei zhang said the good product is really an eye-opener. mobilization center integrated housing products can not only respond to emergencies, benefit the people, better defense service, satisfied service at ordinary times, when emergency, the requirement of wartime battle. tianfeng as the industry's only national enterprise integrated housing mobilization center, will continue to strengthen the development of dual-use products, further implement the strategy of civil-military integration development, efforts to create a new situation, for the motherland and the strong power to realize china's dream of weaponary.

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