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archaize steel structure variety began "running man" third season debut

publisher:tianfon group   click:3264  time:2015-10-30

    last night the much-anticipated "run brothers" in the third quarter, a return, after long run - the feeling of luoyang, avatar costume ", "flower" in the luoyang hall, scenic spot, heaven dingding door ruins museum. run behind - this a few antique, palatial architecture, "nature" is a steel structure. these pseudo-classic style building of steel structure, it is manufactured by henan tianfeng group!

    "heaven" total height 88.88 meters, construction area of 13266.15 square meters, with tang-style type architectural style, architectural features for circular attic type, design for five layer within nine appearance, its internal is steel structure, external show stick act the role of the protection of the copper tower building. heaven uses the change of box girder liang jiagang frame structure, using high strength steel, q420 steel plate thickness of 60 mm.

    sui and tang dynasties of luoyang city dingding door site protection shows the steel structure engineering, gucheng road north, southeast of sui and tang dynasties relics botanic garden is located in new district, a total construction area of 12616 square meters, building height about 28 meters, points, two layers of the earth, the underground layer for steel truss structure as a whole.

    luoyang hall, scenic spot, heaven dingding ruins museum's popularity index, accompanied by a "hit" run - to join, is superior in appearance, all show god luoyang datangshengshi majestic demeanor and the city of long history, splendid culture charm. tianfeng with modern steel structure technology, salute to the chinese ancient civilization.


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