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pilot implementation of the state council determine: steel structure building, green building materials use, promotion and application of major emergency equipment products!

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      premier li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting on november 4th, the deployment of implement the party's spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 18, with a new idea and over "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning; deployment to promote industrial restructuring steady growth, promote the enterprise market increasing benefits; sure we will deepen reform of the marketization of interest rate and improve the mechanism of the formation and regulation of interest rates; decided to simplify optimization of enterprise investment and highway, expanding domestic demand's livelihood.

    spirit of the fifth plenary session of the meeting pointed out, implement the party's 18, pays special attention to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, to strengthen the economic momentum, promote industrial upgrading, social progress and improving people's livelihood, is crucial. meeting decided to set up the plan for preparation work leading group of the state council, to strengthen the overall guidance and coordination. meeting requirements, all related departments to widely listen to suggestion, according to the innovation, the coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, increases the staying power, short board, promote the balanced, level, put forward a number of solutions to promote economic development, serious contradiction pertinence of major policies, counter rotating way, structure, major projects that promote upgrade at large, to promote the ecological protection and social justice, the well-being of the effect of major projects, develop the following the law of development and meet the requirement of the reform and opening up, reflect the will of the masses, plan for and form a complete set of special planning, drive in the high-speed growth in the economy, a high level, to ensure the timely realization of the goal to build a well-off society in an all-round way.

    conference that china's industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, to focus on current stable industrial growth, optimize the industrial structure, improve the efficiency of the enterprise, the steady employment, consolidate the economy foundation, is of great significance. the meeting decided, one is to promote innovation. integration of special financial funds, key support "made in china 2025", enterprise technical reform in key areas, cities for and transferring such as iron and steel enterprises. use "internet ", the construction of large enterprises, universities, research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises, such as a guest docking industrial innovation platform. the second is to expand the market. vigorously promoting demand with the masses is closely related to the promotion of consumer goods and so on. combining penggai and earthquake-resistant housing projects, etc., to carry out the pilot steel structure building. expanded use green building materials, application of major emergency equipment and products, support agricultural machinery, ships, such as update, increase the pace of railways, communications and other high-end equipment going out. 3 it is to deepen the reform. accelerate the "zombie" companies restructuring integration or exit the market, to increase support for state-owned enterprises to solve the historical burden, potentialities and efficiency. fourth, increase the support. encourage financial institutions to increase the supply of credit market and benefit enterprises, to promote large-scale manufacturing equipment, production lines, such as financial leasing services. research to establish a national financing guarantee fund, small micro enterprise financing situation.

    conference pointed out that deepen the financial reform, promote the marketization of interest rate, speed up the construction of formation and regulatory mechanism, adapt to market demand rate is beneficial to increase the efficiency of the financial service the real economy, focus on solving the problem of financing difficulties, financing expensive. to supervise and urge financial institutions and establish a sound system of internal control, to strengthen capacity for independent reasonable pricing and risk management level. second, we will continue to play a role of lending and deposit rates of reference and guidance, the use of good short-term repo rate, refinancing, medium-term lending facilities such as tools, straighten out the policy rate to the bond, the credit markets such as interest rate transmission channels, form the market yield curve. third, we need to strengthen the supervision and management of irrational pricing behavior, adopt the way of incentives, such as the difference in the reserve requirement ratio constraints interest rate pricing behavior, strengthening industry self-discipline and risk prevention. prevention and control and regulation is in place, degree of marketization of interest rate will be higher.

    and decentralization, the pipes for continued advancement, optimization services, expand the effective investment and public products supply, the meeting decision, one is cancelled and decentralized energy saving assessment and constructed over mine for examination and approval, examination and approval of freeway leading elements from 17 location, land use, environmental assessment, such as seven, to have the conditions to establish procedures to implement "to build a posteriori." the second is to make the same investment project examination and approval matters involved together, will be involved major planning layout, and development of important resources configuration of project examination and approval power at provincial, municipal government. three inventory management is the necessary intermediary services, and to explore the integration of highway project energy saving, geological disasters such as project evaluation, a joint assessment review. four is to implement online parallel examination and approval, to speed up the online supervision of examination and approval platform longitudinal penetration. with the government of convenient public service release of promoting development, livelihood new dividends.

    the meeting also studied other matters.

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