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day abundant energy saving plate company 2015 launch many new shock

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     morning of november 8, 2015, henan tianfeng sheet energy saving technology co., ltd. product launch in 2015, held in group comprehensive office building in a group of high-level, invited experts, and various regions hundreds marketers to witness this important moment! in the eyes of experts praise, in the days feng eagerly looking forward to, four new wonderful appearance, metal curtain wall tiles, glass curtain wall composite panels, duct insulation board and cold storage board, with ultra-high price and consummate craft yi yi is unripe brightness, brought to the strong shock.


     tianfeng energy-saving board chairman of the board of directors of the company mr ai-jun zhang first appeared on the stage, in one short and passionate speech, began, he said, innovation is the power of tianfeng built to last, the current economic environment, development opportunities and challenges of risk, only by constantly innovation, to form new competition together! this new product is released to the inheritance, innovation and iteration of original products, product condensing we tianfeng a man's wisdom and sweat, tianfeng carrying us new hopes and dreams.
     the whole conference warm atmosphere, the guests a lot of valuable business advice is given. group president mr li xulu made important speech, he gave a definite confirmation of the launch, pointed out that with the innovation of marketing mode to show new products to market, and has high hopes for the new product will develop vast market space. li also pointed out that day abundant energy's mission is to provide human production and living environment, elegant and comfortable to do the best energy-saving containment system solutions to business in china and the first-class module integrated building manufacturers, abundant person will always endeavour to do this all the day, continuous efforts!


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