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  day fenggang structure

  tianfeng is to have the world's advanced level of construction steel structure manufacturing equipment, first-class scientific research construction team, advanced management mode and good cooperation team margin, more perfect after-sales service and quality, technology, management, monitoring networks, has established a energy saving in steel structure buildings and retaining system of scientific research, design, marketing, production, construction, and after-sales service in the integration of high-quality, professional team, a number of projects won the national gold prize, henan zhongzhou cup, the high quality steel structure steel structure.

  tianfeng from large span light steel structure, multi-storey steel structure to the commercial buildings, office buildings, civil residences, complex, leapfrog development of high-rise steel structure, such as have many high-rise steel structure building design and manufacture installation capacity, we have created a unique tianfeng high-rise steel structure building system.

  tianfeng is unit of director of association of chinese architectural metal, construction metal structure association professional committee of henan province, director of the unit, the national steel structure industry 15 enterprises, and became the first in the peer through the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification.

  the main system

  ·give priority to with high-rise residential, office buildings and other high-level, high-rise steel structure building system

  ·to the airport, bridges, convention and exhibition center, stadiums and other public buildings of large span space steel structure system

  ·with all kinds of industrial buildings, warehouses, supermarkets, multi-storey steel structure construction of light steel structure building system

  production ability

  tianfeng is one of the largest steel production enterprises, the central plains region the largest pressed steel plate production base in six provinces in central, capable of producing led products, such as h, c, z, 150000 tons of light and heavy steel structure. the company has domestic and foreign advanced light steel structure production lines, chongqing steel structure production line, steel structure production lines, secondary processing h-beam production line, steel structure production lines, non-standard production line, c, z purline swap line, c payments and z steel line, and all kinds of pressed steel plate, a total of more than 50 composite board production lines; introduce the foreign advanced energy-saving plate more than 10 consecutive production lines, etc.

  honor of qualification

  ·housing construction general contracting level qualification

  ·one professional contracting qualification, steel structure

  ·chinese class a qualification of steel structure design

  ·china steel structure manufacture premium quality

  ·wall design and construction, architectural metal (house) premium quality

  ·china's foreign contracted projects, qualification certificate

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