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integrated housing

  tianfon is integrated building research and development production of domestic leading enterprises. is committed to provide users with science and technology, environmental protection, comfortable living environment, a green, energy-saving, economic living forms, is the direction of our continuous efforts. tianfon integrated housing products are traveling scenic area, oil field, mine, project construction, the new rural construction, military barracks, public facilities, emergency settlement, in earthquake-prone areas of choice.

  tianfon integrated house at dozens of invention patent, and broadcast in the cctv seven the army fast loading room show appearances.

  the national center for integrated building general mobilization

  the wenchuan earthquake, tianfon undertook the henan province more than the temporary houses set of production tasks and organization of the whole province choi steel supply dispensing work, ya 'an earthquake tianfon launched the national center for integrated housing mobilization response plan in the first place, to the disaster area donation housing for tibetan school.

the main products

  ·integration villa,

  ·the army barracks,

  ·easy to move the hotel

  ·agriculture sightseeing,

  ·scenic spots, hotels, villa

  ·modular, the sales department

  ·curing barn products,

  ·site overlay,

  ·mobile toilet,

production ability

  the company has the advanced welding workshop, painting workshop and so on, forming a highly efficient and large production lines. perfect quality assurance system, professional raw material and product test, test, analysis methods and equipment, and ensure that all production activities at the request of the quality assurance system and under the supervision and control, to make economic and durable modular architecture for you, the quality of our products meet the iso9001:2000 management system requirements.

technical strength

  ·with independent design institute, design class a qualification

  ·national high and new technology enterprise

  ·henan province enterprise technology center

  ·henan province energy conservation plank and integrated building engineering technology research center

  ·energy-saving building steel structure engineering technology research center of henan province

  ·postdoctoral research base in henan province

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