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iron and steel trade

  steel trade is one of the seven industries tianfon group, tianfon engaged in steel trade in the early 1990 s, after more than 20 years of development, to become china's most influential one of plating steel traders, is one of the largest plating board distributor in the midwest. in order to better serve customers, the company has branch in wuhan, xi 'an, xinxiang has become, marketing network all over the country, annual inventory of more than 20000 tons, annual sales of more than ten thousand tons, products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in the world.

  tianfon man is the product as the life, in order to development as own duty, growing together with customers to create the most valuable products and services to customers. tianfon people always pursue with customers, employees, the social supply, tianfon company is willing to set the advantages of resources, market, with all the friends hand in hand advance together, altogether creates magnificently.

our philosophy

  even if the false plating board on the market (99%), tianfon only to do with the remaining 1%!

our good partners

  over the years, tianfon on the interests of the customer value orientation. tianfon know good products from our partners, tianfon with many well-known large-scale steel mills: shanghai baosteel, crown state shares, jinan, wuhan and other established a strategic cooperative partnership, ensure quality, achieve mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.

  five-star agent, baosteel huangshi coated galvanized sheet

  five-star agent, anyang iron and steel co., ltd

  xinjiang bayi steel mills, general agent

  agreement households, hebei iron and steel company

  shandong crown chau, color plate product strategy agreement

  cold rolled products agents, wuhan iron and steel company

  sheet in wuxi xinda in the outstanding agents

  xing good dealer plate, huang shishan force

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