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  • box type a series of cold bending production line
box type a series of cold bending production line
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one, the production line is introduced 

my company according to the market demand, to europe and the united states, industry forefront of cold bending technique to derive the extension, broke the box type parts by simply rely on cutting, folding, punching processing technology, successfully developed and successfully launched box type automatic production line. 

line set coil uncoiling, leveling, punching, notching, stamping, cutting, rolling forming, cutting edge, such as nc positioning flanging process as a whole, highly automated production, easy to operate, improves the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, reduces the manual labor intensity, increase box type parts production in the market competitiveness. 

production line layout 

second, the main characteristics of box parts in production line: 


1, high efficiency, low cost manpower 

one-time implementation is expected from the volume plate sheet forming rolled off the production line of continuous production, high production speed, and only 3 minutes, can short time of changing production specifications. adopts industrial control automation technology, compared with the traditional scattered much more processes, the whole tour line can be just one person, not only greatly reduced the number of operators, from multiple reduced to one, and reduce the labor intensity of human, has removed by manpower handling, positioning; also lowered to the operator's ability requirements, greatly reduces the labor costs. 


2, saves the materials, can produce carton specifications 

adopt cnc technology stepless adjustment specifications, no adjustment specifications after debugging, can save a lot of the result of the change specifications of commissioning waste, save the sheet input costs. 

can be designed according to user requirements, production width range stepless adjustable; the width, length, height range according to user requirements design; each parameter size set by the operator. 


3, stable quality, good consistency 

using automated assembly lines, manual operation, mainly by the equipment to ensure product quality, good consistency. compared with the traditional processing technology, the adoption of new cold bending process automation, can increase the automatic punching groove, the brand trademark, etc., make the production of products: high strength, light weight, with makings provinces, the characteristics of beautiful appearance, greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the products. 



third, scope of application: 


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