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  • shelves column profile cold-formed molding equipment
shelves column profile cold-formed molding equipment
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货架型钢冷弯生产线     货架型钢冷弯成型机

standard, heavy shelves pillar cold bending production line, used in the production of various kinds of warehousing, logistics, large supermarket and convenience supermarket shelves, the overall forming, cold bending shelves column profile straightness. good online punching hole location accuracy, convenient installation. 

one shelf cold bending profile equipment performance: 

1, production speed: 0 to 40 m/min 

2, unit rolling capacity: 550 mm wide, 1-2.5 mm plate thickness 

3, installed capacity: about 22 kw 

2 shelves of cold bending steel equipment: 

automatic leveling, feeding, feeding - oriented - continuous punching bottom hole - molding - length, cutting - receiving station 


three shelf life of cold formed steel equipment:

shelf column of cold-formed steel equipment including hydraulic uncoiling, leveling, feeding, punching, forming, cutting, discharging. control the use of siemens plc, shelf column production line, touch screen input, high degree of automation, easy operation, high production efficiency, the whole line production rate can reach 40m/min.

the whole shelf column of cold bending production line automation level is high, only 1 ~ 2 person operation. adjustable profile specification, a cold bending production line, can produce a variety of standard plate. save production site, save the production cost for customers.



                     shelf column type steel






schematic diagram of shelf column installation

products include: rack column, rack beam, shelf bar, shelves and other products.

plc control for shelf production equipment.

application examples:


heavy shelf for logistics center


heavy shelves for storage and logistics


light shelf

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