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  • tf piling sheet roll forming line
tf piling sheet roll forming line
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tf piling sheet line adopts quick-change cassettes structure, which means one machine can produce 8 profiles, with the advantages of high speed and automation.

the max. coil thickness: 8mm

the piling sheet is very popular now. in the permanent structures, it is used in the ports, dumps, shore protection wall, retaining wall, breakwater, training dike, dock, flow gate and so on. in the temporary structures, it is used in mountain seals, temporary land expansion, flow break, bridge rail, soil block, water block and sand block when big pipes laying. it is also used in flood fighting.


main technical parameters:

1.      material:                              s355jr  (hot rolled sheet)

2.     suitable yield strength:        σs≤400mpa

3.     coil thickness:                      6.0-8.0mm

4.     max. coil width:                    1000mm

5.     inner diameter of coil:         φ762mm

6.     outer diameter of coil:        ≤φ1000~2000mm

7.     coil weight:                         ≤18t

8.  product length:                       2000mm~12000mm

9.    production line speed:          15-20m/min

10. power:                                   415v/50hz, 3 phase 5 wires

11. total power:                            about 350kw


production process:

loading coil----uncoiling---guiding—leveling---cutting&punching----conveyor---feeding---roll forming----product


钢板桩冷弯生产线   钢板桩冷弯生产线

               uncoiler part                                            leveler part


  roll forming machine 1 set

  functions: to roll form different profiles. it adopts absolute cast frame (tempering treatment), the base is welded structure and has stress relief treatment. the roll former adopts raft structure, universal transmits. there is guiding device at front. fine carbon shaft and easy to adjust and operate.

  roller material: cr12, hrc58-62 after quenching, with hard chrome on surface.

  3 phase motor (50hz/415v)drives.

  screw rod adjusts the distance between up and down shafts, and has tight nuts.

  down rollers are located by location surface and has nuts to tight. up rollers are located by nuts and has inner hexagon screws to tight.


钢板桩冷弯生产线   钢板桩冷弯生产线application

钢板桩冷弯生产线    钢板桩冷弯生产线

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