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  • day fengge energy-saving fire-resistant phenolic board, polyurethane board
day fengge energy-saving fire-resistant phenolic board, polyurethane board
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a day, fengge beauty features of energy saving fire phenolic resin, polyurethane board 

main characteristics: energy saving, fire prevention, light, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, environmental protection, weather resistance, etc. 

1, the flame retardant to non-combustible 

phenol molecules is good absorbent, free radicals in the process of pyrolysis, free radicals generated by the fracture of a brace bridge quickly absorbed by phenol molecules and tissue reaction to continue and phenolic foam under the condition of the flame burning, the surface structure of carbon effectively prevent the fire from spreading, protect the foam body structure; burns contractive, dripping, melting, deformation, has no flame propagation, the oxygen index up to 50, through to the resin to improve and add other additives in the process of foaming, level combustion can reach grade a standard. 

2, flame penetration resistance 

phenolic foam under the effect of flame directly on the surface of carbon, basic retain foam, just surface formation layer a layer of graphene "bubble", effectively protect the layer of foam structure, its resistance to fire through time can be more than 1 h. 

3, adiabatic 

phenolic foam is uniform fine closed pore structure, low thermal conductivity, only 0.022 to 0.040 w/(m k). 

4, heat-resistant 

finally cured phenolic foam has included a number of phenol ring with a brace connection structure of the bridge, the thermodynamics shows that a supporting bridge is affected by the temperature in the organic connection minimum one of the most stable connection, this makes the phenolic foam with excellent thermal stability, can be 130 ℃ in use for a long time, short time heat 200 ℃. 


5, low smoke low 

phenolic only hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms in the molecule, in the high temperature decomposition, can only produce the product of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, except a small amount of co and no other toxic gases. phenolic foam burns the most great smoky density (sdr) was less than 5, smoke density with polyurethane foam (sdr) is quite low compared with that in the 74. 

6, suitable temperature range 

the strength of the phenolic foam temperature influence is not obvious, under low temperature (or even - 196 ℃) is not cold, cold short, its mechanical strength basically remain unchanged, under the condition of continuous stress at 130 ℃ can keep the room temperature strength by 90%. the dimensional changes of 1.5 or less. 


7, corrosion resistant anti-aging 

besides can be alkali erosion, phenolic foam can almost all inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent and the erosion of salt. long-term exposure to the sun, no obvious aging, compared with other thermal insulation material, a longer service life. 

8, waterproof and wet 

phenolic foam has good closed pore structure, bibulous rate is low (1.5% ~ 3.7%, water vapor penetration prevention ability, condensation will not appear in the cold 


9, lightweight 

phenolic foam has the characteristics of light density of 30 ~ 100 kg/m3. 

10, compressive ability 

phenolic foam board (surface fire coil) compressive capacity: 110 kpa, vertical direction parallel to the direction of 175 kpa, the bending strength of 1.44 mpa. 

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