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  • day fengge energy-saving fire phenolic sheet continuous production line
day fengge energy-saving fire phenolic sheet continuous production line
category:steel enclosure
the hotline:86 373-3553177

along with the further promotion of building energy-saving materials, the market demand is higher and higher, especially for energy saving effect and the ability to continuously improve the requirements of fire prevention. 

day fengge continuous production line for the energy saving of fire prevention board is mainly the production of phenolic foam plank based equipment, it can produce surface as: non-woven various phenolic fire, kraft paper or aluminum foil insulation board. expanded at the same time, also can produce steel structure with steel sandwich board, the thickness of the core material specifications for the thickness of 20 ~ 100 mm, width 1200 mm, the length of the set. 

products are mainly used for building exterior insulation, central air conditioning air hose, steel structure wall and roof board, etc. 

its working principle is: the phenolic resin, curing agent, foaming agent, raw materials, etc. the placer metering pump in certain proportion to high-speed mixing head, after mixing, through the reciprocating movement of the head cloth, continuous coating on based on the surface of material, below, along with the surface of material into the double belt machine, after the double belt machine heating and fulfillment of the lower plate between the foam on the curing forming; sandwich plate curing after forming, after trimming line on both sides of the device, obtain accurate width size. finally through scale servo tracking sawing machine according to the length to cut off the set of products. 

this production line can produce non-woven fabric, paper and other soft layer, metal plate, aluminum sheet and other hardfacing layer insulation sandwich panels. 




three, day fengge energy-saving fire sheet continuous production line of main technical parameters 

production of plate width: 1240 mm 

production of thickness: 20 ~ 100 mm 

plate unit weight: 45 ~ 60 kg/m3 

production speed: 2 ~ 10 m/min 

the plate height: 1300 mm 

to take the pilot degrees: 24 m 

the double belt machine open height: 300 mm 

the double belt machine heating temperature: 80 ℃ 

capacity: 140 kw 

天丰酚醛发泡机         酚醛开卷机

           foaming machine                                   uncoiler        

fourth, the advantage of the products 

1, strong expansibility: 

production line have the capacity to expand the hardfacing layer sandwich plate. front increase color plate molding equipment, at the back of the hanging plate, pallet, packaging and other unit equipment, can produce double-sided color powder core board, color plate and soft layer sandwich board, soft layer sandwich board and other kinds of sandwich plate; 

2, technical advantage: 

a complete set of production line adopts the technology of the european data design, equipment of stiffness, strength, accuracy, high stability; 

3, a complete set of electric control uses simens system, reliable operation, low failure rate; 

4, high flatness of plate, finished product core material density uniform, 

酚醛锯切部分      酚醛设备喷头部分

          cut off the part                        equipment nozzle part 

five, the production of finished products: 

               酚醛板材      酚醛板材

                        phenolic plate                         phenolic plate 


seven, the application occasion 

1, plank class 

include: interior decorating plate, exterior wall decoration hangs taiwan, ceiling, roof insulation board, wall insulation board and other civil construction and steel structure construction, etc. 

class 2, ventilation pipes 

main application with the central air conditioning ventilation pipe. 

3, pipeline and containers of coated materials 

mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, such as heating, municipal pipeline insulation class. 

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