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  • composite air duct panel
  • composite air duct panel
  • composite air duct panel
  • composite air duct panel
composite air duct panel
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  composite air duct panel introduction:

  tianfon is the leading company at domestic, owns composite air duct foam panel continuous production line. the production line is raised by tianfon researchers, and produced together with tianfon machinery company. through constant innovation, tianfon composite air duct continuously updating, it is widely used in large public building stadiums .

  composite air duct application:

  mainly used at large air-conditioning and ventilation system (hvac system) in public and civil buildings.


  air duct has the following categories:


  ?double sided aluminum foil composite phenolic air duct introduction:


  double sided aluminum foil composite phenolic air duct is double sided aluminum foil with phenolic foam as core material, one-step-compositing through continuous producing line. double sided aluminum foil is processed by anti-corrosion anti-bacterial and embossing, it is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant, the core material phenolic is foam delicate, density uniform, it is tianfon energy-saving company the first generation air duct production.

  single sided steel sheet composite air duct


  double layer steel sheet composite air duct


  double layer steel sheet phenolic air duct is special ventilation product for subway, high end products. modified phenolic foam board as the core material composed with two-sided steel sheet by continuous production line in one-time. fire resistance is up to 120 minutes. it can be used in the projects that wind pressure is more than 2000pa.

  single embossed galvanized steel composite duct






  composite air duct accessories


 to ensure installation safety and quality, we use professional flanges accessories for air duct installation. please use tianfon composite air duct panel and accessories together: good product, reasonable price and high quality.

  polyurethane air duct technology information

technical index
no.itemstandardstechnical parameterstest center
1densitygb/t 6343-2009>40kg/m?national construction material test center
2thermal conductivitygb/t 10295-2008<0.023w(m .k)
3water absorption rategb/t 8812-2005<3%
4compressive strengthgb/t 8813-2008>150kpa

  (2)product feature air leakage and no thermal bridge: compared with iron sheet air duct locking connection type, tianfon air duct use polyurethane foam glue connection, all gap is filling with polyurethane foam. there is no air leakage, professional heat insulation flange prevent thermal bridge.

  2.effectively reduce sound pollution: noise elimination theory of micro perforated panel,micro perforation by laser, effectively reduce noise, directly substitute muffler, vibration and echo are absorbed by embossed aluminum foil and polyurethane foam. completely eliminate iron steel duct resonance effect and noise.

  3.shorten the construction period: light, integrated design and construction technology, shorten the construction period almost 1/5, compared with iron steel duct. and insulation: thermal conductivity of pu air duct is only 0.020w/mk, compared with 0.047w/mk of rock wool, more than two times insulation effect of the same thickness;

  5.environment design: polyurethane sandwich panel is free of freon and formaldehyde. glass wool has carcinogen which leads to itching and swelling. of maintenance and long life: corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, ensure 20 years’ service life. cut out of the cost for maintenance.

  7.graceful appearance: distinguish air duct manufacture processing and professional construction scheme and color is various.

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